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 Clarinets made in Pakistan
Author: GBK 
Date:   2005-09-14 04:48

I've seen first hand the influx of clarinets and other instruments from Taiwan and China, but have not yet seen any from Pakistan.

Until I noticed their recent ad in the classifieds on this site.

This Pakistani manufacturer seems to make all instruments in a dizzying number of different variations (check the different clarinet configurations).


Has anyone seen or tried these instruments?...GBK

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 Re: Clarinets made in Pakistan
Author: Gordon (NZ) 
Date:   2005-09-14 05:17


I note that under what are desribed as "matel" flutes (i.e. metal), the flutes the photographic images are reversed, and the foot joint is assembled to the body incorrectly.

The piccolo tone is described as "...bright and rich but never shrill or piercing" !!!

Scary? What are these instruments selling for?

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 Re: Clarinets made in Pakistan
Author: GBK 
Date:   2005-09-14 05:29

According to their ad in the classifieds, $150 US for the Bb German model in rosewood with gold plated keys ...GBK

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 Re: Clarinets made in Pakistan
Author: David Peacham 
Date:   2005-09-14 08:49

But their copyright notice is charming: "Copyright 1910-2004". This is not just some fly-by-night outfit set up to exploit cheap labour, but a company proud of its history.

What is interesting is that they are still making obsolete designs: horns with three piston valves, bass trombones in G (not pictured, but presumably with a wooden handle to work the slide). These would have been the military instruments required under the British Empire. But it's not quite so simple, because their oboes are all conservatoire, not thumbplate as usually played in Britain.


If there are so many people on this board unwilling or unable to have a civil and balanced discussion about important issues, then I shan't bother to post here any more.

To the great relief of many of you, no doubt.

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 Re: Clarinets made in Pakistan
Author: Chris P 
Date:   2005-09-14 09:27

Their oboes are the old East European models, ring key fully automatic conservatiore system, you would have thought they'd have copied the B&H Imperial dual system or thumplate models.

I like their use of Selmer pictures though, but I'm not sure Selmer will be all that chuffed!

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 Re: Clarinets made in Pakistan
Author: Alseg 
Date:   2005-09-14 12:08

Matel......not metal!
ie....Clarinet Barbie

-Where the Sound Matters Most(tm)-

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 Re: Clarinets made in Pakistan
Author: Don Berger 
Date:   2005-09-14 13:34

Knowing "next to nothing" about copyrights, it looks like a US with the C in a circle, can our lawyers Ken Shaw and high-techs, George HR, et al,, shed light on this? I'd judge that the 1910-2004 just indicates renewal-revision. If I can get in touch with an old f[r]iend , pat atty, from our Patent Div. who handled PPCo's C R & T M activities, I'll try to find info. With time available, I, and others, hopefully, will look on the USPTO site for CR and TM Search info on both Hakim Din and Pasha. Velly interested. Later, Don

Thanx, Mark, Don

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 Re: Clarinets made in Pakistan
Author: Don Berger 
Date:   2005-09-14 13:44

Spelling corr'n, HakAm Din & Sons, sorry, Don

Thanx, Mark, Don

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 Re: Clarinets made in Pakistan
Author: DavidBlumberg 
Date:   2005-09-14 14:17

Would probably make a decent javelin though!!

Ya know, get pi*sed off practicing and need something pretty to slam against the wall but can't bear the thought of throwing the R-13 against it..........

Maybe if the price was $800 they would be better  ;)

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 Re: Clarinets made in Pakistan
Author: Ken Shaw 2017
Date:   2005-09-14 14:23

Don -

The subsidiary pages have only a 2004 copyright date. The main page also has 1910, but that page also says that the firm was founded in 1910, so that's probably why they put it in. Legally, a 1910 copyright will be long-expired.

They have a U.S. representative in Houston, with an email address, who could probably give more information and prices. http://www.hakamdin.com/contact_us.html

It's impossible to know anything about quality, but they have some elaborately engraved metal pieces on the bagpipe pages, which argues at least a certain level of care.

The key design looks eclectic. The trill key guide is only for the top key, which matches the Pedler design, but the ramp for the bridge key uses the Selmer design, and the adjustable thumb rest is not on any of the old instruments. Thus, they may in fact make their own keys.

They also make more elaborate items than, say, the "Indian Army" monstrosities. Check out the 10-key bagpipe practice chanter.

Perhaps the Houston representative, in an effort to spread the word and get some good publicity, could provide a sample to one of our repair guys, or at least tell us whether the keys are better than pot metal, what kind of pads they use, etc.

Ken Shaw

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 Re: Clarinets made in Pakistan
Author: Katrina 
Date:   2005-09-14 15:27

My favorite quote from the site:

"How can such an attacking, killing sound and durability of the instrument be so affordable? We are sorry! this is highly classified information."

Yeah...I want a drum that does that!



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 Re: Clarinets made in Pakistan
Author: Mark Charette 2017
Date:   2005-09-14 15:35

I have invited their Houston rep to answer the questions here. Stay tuned ... [ pun intended ... ]

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 Re: Clarinets made in Pakistan
Author: Markael 
Date:   2005-09-14 15:39

"An attacking, killing sound..."

That reminds me of a quotation I read from Frank Zappa once. That was decades ago, so I paraphrase:

Sometimes music causes people to pat their feet involuntarily. What kind of music would make you rise up and strike?

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 Re: Clarinets made in Pakistan
Author: John Morton 
Date:   2005-09-14 15:59

My favorite is the "banjo". It looks to be some sort of lap instrument with typewriter keys, a cross between a hurdy-gurdy and a steel guitar.

John Morton

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 Re: Clarinets made in Pakistan
Author: Don Berger 
Date:   2005-09-14 16:17

Fine idea, Mark C, it'll be interesting if we may [here?] have a 5th addition to our BIG [mfgrs] of ?quality?, student? insts. Their R&D-designed web site is quite intriguing and shows a quite complete complement of BAND insts, the cls are either 17/6 Boehms or 2 ring 12-14 key Alberts in Bb and Eb sops. Flutes are similar, will look at the saxes later. Interesting, Don

Thanx, Mark, Don

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 Re: Clarinets made in Pakistan
Author: Michelle 
Date:   2005-09-14 19:22

I can't comment on the clarinets, but my husband plays the bagpipes and owned a set of Pakistani pipes that were advertised with one of those same pictures. I don't know if it was the same company or if it's a widely-circulated picture among all Pakistan bagpipe manufacturers, but the pipes SUCKED! Definitely a BSO (Bagpipe-shaped object).

Issues we had with the Pakistan pipes:

They wouldn't play in tune (Yes, bagpipers do actually tune)
The metal scrollwork was cool, yes, but SHARP! They hadn't bothered to smooth it all down.
The sound was very "blaring". Good pipes sound full and round (along with the stretching-a-cat-on-a-rack sound).

He had other issues, but we'll save those for any bagpipers that are interested. Our bottom line with Pakistani BAGPIPES was "No thanks!"

Like I said, I can't comment on how this translates into the clarinets or other woodwinds from this company, but if they are made like the bagpipes I wouldn't touch them. I guess it comes back to "you get what you pay for".

Just our opinion - take it for what it's worth!

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 Re: Clarinets made in Pakistan
Author: larryb 
Date:   2005-09-15 01:08

Well, the tabla and dholak seem to be high quality instruments.

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 Re: Clarinets made in Pakistan
Author: BarryTones 
Date:   2021-04-29 17:34

Actually I have found this ancient thread quite interesting.

This is the first time I have seen the possibility of having a barrel ring or ferrule made to replace a missing ivory ring on an old clarinet.

The 13 key instrument looks like it has toppled from a height onto it's 'beak'.
The mouthpiece is damaged and one barrel ring is missing.

I shall try to repair the beak with CA glue or JB Weld and Soot, as mentioned on this BBoard, but no luck yet obtaining a replacement ring, ivory or imitation.

If anyone knows where I could have a ring made for it, preferably from the UK, then I would be much obliged and so would my girlfriend who owns it.

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 Re: Clarinets made in Pakistan
Author: BarryTones 
Date:   2021-04-29 18:03

sorry, tried to attach images but no luck

Post Edited (2021-04-29 18:39)

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 Re: Clarinets made in Pakistan
Author: LFabian 
Date:   2021-05-02 05:31

Bought an Hxx Eb clarinet 2 years ago. I showed it to a local tech in San Francisco He noticed immediately that everything is not replaceable. The corks were reconstituted. It was not compatible with other mouthpieces. Signs of gouging on inside holes. Returned it ASAP overseas and got my money back. Another tech who dealt with Hxx said the company was small and could not compete with those from China which had the manpower, resources and tooling.

Post Edited (2021-05-03 07:15)

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 Re: Clarinets made in Pakistan
Author: AndyW 
Date:   2021-05-02 13:17

Speaking as a Scotsman, their “Scottish Highland Wedding Dress Complete Outfit” looks like a great deal, better than anything I’ve seen from Selmer or Buffet.

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