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 What about Buffet S1
Author: Darek 
Date:   2004-12-15 13:48

You`re all talking about R13 or RC. But what about S1?I have Buffet S1 fabric number 235335. I suppose that it was mase about 20-22 years ago. It is second hand instrument. In Poland it is very rare in use model. It think S1 has very smooth sound. Does anybody play on S1?

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 Re: What about Buffet S1
Author: Ken Shaw 2017
Date:   2004-12-15 14:32

Search on S1, as this has been discussed several times. I think the S1 was an early model of what eventually became the RC. It was made only for a short time.

I tried a couple when they came out and didn't like them. For me, they had too much resistance and not enough color. However, some people are happy with them.

They appear on auction sites fairly often, usually touted as a great rarity, and priced above the more common models. They probably aren't worth the premium.

Best regards.

Ken Shaw

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 Re: What about Buffet S1
Author: mankan 
Date:   2004-12-15 20:57

I have a couple of S1 clarinets, Bb and A, and they are both very fine instruments. Specially, my Bb clarinet. It is from the early seventies. I bought it 1972.
I dont think it has any problems with resistance. And I like the warm sound.

I had some trouble a couple of years ago with tuning. The Bb clarinet was sharp but I bought a longer barrel, 67 mm, and did much exercises in listening and measuring the differences in specially sharp tones. I learned to compensate and now I play well in tune.
In Sweden the S 1 was quite common in the early seventies but today most Buffet-players use RC. I´ve tried once but didn´t find the RC better, though many today say they are.

Maybe I buy a new clarinet some day. But today I´m perfectly satisfied with my S 1. But wow, it´s over thirty years old ..


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 Re: What about Buffet S1
Author: pewd 
Date:   2004-12-16 00:12

funny, i just put a 67mm barrel on a student's S1 last week, to fix the same issue, playing too sharp.

- Paul Dods
Dallas, Texas

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 Re: What about Buffet S1
Author: MTZMichael 
Date:   2010-06-22 21:54

Paul, Mankan,

I know it's been a while since you'all wrote in this thread, but I was wondering of the brand of barrel you bought for the Buffet S1 Bb clarinets... I'm thinking of buying one soon too, and so I'm considering a number of brands as well as Buffet's.



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 Re: What about Buffet S1
Author: mankan 
Date:   2010-06-23 21:14

In my case it was an RC barrel, not the perfect solution since the bore diameter dont match perfectly. I was told about that by my repairspecialist, and he suggested rings instead, though I really hadn´t any problems with the RC barrel.
The repairman had my Bb-clarinet for an total overhaul and funny, when I got it back the tuning was better. It was not so sharp anymore.
So I changed back, and now I play on my original S1 barrel 65 mm.
My A and Bb-clarinets both tune fine at 442.



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