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 Horst Moennig Bass Clarinet
Author: Goody 
Date:   2004-06-07 15:03

This is a request for information -- not an advertisement.

I have a Horst Moennig Bass Clarinet, puchased from Baxter-Northrup, which was given to me for Christmas, 1949. I used it in high school and college throgh January of 1953, including two seasons with the Jacksonville, FL Symphony Orchestra. I had the instrument overhauled in 1961, but never got back to playing it. This instrument served its purpose, but was no competition for the LeBlanc that I ocassionally played while in college. I am now wanting to place this instrument with someone or some organization who might appreciate it. Any (polite) suggestions will be appreciated. Thank you.

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 Re: Horst Moennig Bass Clarinet
Author: David Spiegelthal 2017
Date:   2004-06-07 15:37

I hope yours is better than the one I had a few years ago -- I bought one on eBay because it had some very interesting design features, plus it was very attractive (silver-plated neck, bell and keywork). I spent a ton of time overhauling it and trying to fix numerous response and intonation flaws, but could never get it to play well. It was very resistant and stuffy with a horrible, uncentered tone. I have to believe mine was an unusually bad one -- I sold it for a big loss but don't miss it at all. I currently have a Moenning Brothers metal Bb clarinet which I play regularly and just overhauled a Moenning Brothers wood Bb clarinet, both of which play very well --- so I'll bet the lousy bass was an anomaly.
Can't help you with ideas for what to do with yours --- the obvious question is, why not sell it? "Place" it implies "give it away" (as one might do with an extra kitten or puppy dog?).

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 Re: Horst Moennig Bass Clarinet
Author: GBK 
Date:   2004-06-07 16:16

Have you thought of giving it to the music department of the high school you graduated from? ...GBK

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 Re: Horst Moennig Bass Clarinet
Author: ron b 
Date:   2004-06-07 17:40

There are lots of schools on limited budgets, Goody, who would appreciate instrument donations, as GBK suggests. I'm sure there's at least one or two in your area who would thank you for your thoughtfulness. It just might give a student the tool to launch a rewarding and wonderful experience in musical involvement. It served that purpose for you  :)

- ron b -

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 Re: Horst Moennig Bass Clarinet
Author: Wayne Thompson 
Date:   2004-06-08 02:07

I'm curious, does this instrument say Los Angeles mixed in with the Horst Moennig? David, did yours?
I stumbled onto a Horst (Los Angeles) Moennig bassoon a few years ago and I have been told that it is surprisingly bad, compared to others he made. I know that he spent some years in Los Angeles both making his own instruments and importing instruments from his brothers in East Germany. That's why I ask my question. Perhaps the ones he made, in LA, particularly in small quantities like bass clarinets and bassoons, are particularly uneven in quality, thus explaining David's experience.


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 Re: Horst Moennig Bass Clarinet
Author: Jack Kissinger 
Date:   2004-06-08 02:58

IMHO, however, people who plan to donate instruments to a school or school district have a moral obligation to make sure that the instruments they donate aren't junk, i.e., that they are decent instruments in superb mechanical order. The worst possible outcome, again IMHO, is that a child become frustrated and quit instrumental music because s/he blames herself/himself for problems that are really the result of a poorly made or defective instrument.

Best regards,

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 Re: Horst Moennig Bass Clarinet
Author: Bob A 
Date:   2004-06-08 04:03

Jack, I guess it would all depend on your status in society and the "food chain". When I was a kid I would have been thrilled to have been given it or any other musical instrument--it sure beats music on a comb and toilet paper.
Bob A

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 Re: Horst Moennig Bass Clarinet
Author: Robert Small 
Date:   2004-06-08 04:27

I agree with Jack. Some instruments are best consigned to the dustbin of history. I have come across instruments that are so poorly made and designed that a comb and toilet paper would be a step up. We're not doing kids any favor when we give them an instrument that's virtually unplayable.

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 Re: Horst Moennig Bass Clarinet
Author: David Spiegelthal 2017
Date:   2004-06-08 14:42

Yes, the horrible Horst Moennig bass clarinet I had was also marked "Baxter & Northrup Los Angeles". Mine was also marked "Made in Germany".

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