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 Who would you rather teach?
Author: n_hanson12 
Date:   2004-06-02 14:58


Just out of curiosity, which age group do you prefer to teach and why? Since I'm still in high school, I have only had the opportunity to teach beginning band students. I liked it, but I think I would get more enjoyment out of older students. What are your preferences?


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 Re: Who would you rather teach?
Author: sfalexi 
Date:   2004-06-02 15:10

Well, I haven't taught clarinet, but I have tutored various age groups in math.

I'd say that I would prefer to tutor mature adults (mature as a frame of mind, not age). They seem to be more open to ideas and always seem to be more positive, even when not getting something. Whenever I've tutored a child or an immature adult (often a teenager or young adult in their twenties), they seem to be willing to work less, as well as are very prone to the "I can't" phrase. I'll be in the middle of trying to show them a method or explain something and I'll hear them puff or see them pout or just show in other ways that they don't believe they'll EVER learn it and that they've ALREADY given up. That just makes the job THAT much harder. Not impossible to get the job done, but makes it harder.

A more mature person usually will be willing to listen to the ENTIRE explanation, mull it over, try it, and then hopefully fire back a few questions of their own on certain parts of the explanation (or the whole thing, if necessary). This makes it easier as they are working WITH me, and not AGAINST me.

Once again, this is math, not music, but one on one teaching is probably similar enough that this would apply to a music student as well.


US Army Japan Band

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 Re: Who would you rather teach?
Author: William 
Date:   2004-06-02 15:34

As a career teacher who has taught all levels of student, gradeschool through college, I have found teaching beginning students to be the most rewarding. That is not to say that teaching older students does not have its rewards, it is simply that more progress can be seen from a beginers first "sounds" to their first public performance, than at any other level. From not knowing how to hold the instrument until "opening the show" with the "Star Spanngled Banner" is almost a miracle in the minds and ears of the parent, and a joy to behold for the teacher.

Count my vote for teaching elementary school beginners.

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 Re: Who would you rather teach?
Author: claclaws 
Date:   2004-06-02 16:14

A lady in her mid-30's (and one year younger than me) happened to contact me through a clarinet website, and our 40-minute Saturday-morning pseudo-lesson began. I can't say I teach her, as I'm an amateur myself, so we play together, following an easy-written method book. I give her some advice and 'homework' and we practice the tune together the next week, and so on.
Though shallow in musicianship, the sesson gives me great pleasure and satisfaction. Also I learn a lot by teaching.

As a lecturer at some of the interpretation school, I know I'm a quite a demanding teacher. But when it comes to clarinet, that style of mine just disappears. That's natural because I can't claim to be a 'real' clarinet teacher...
The possibility that I might give lessons in the future motivates me to practise the clarinet.

Lucy Lee Jang

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 Re: Who would you rather teach?
Author: Jhall 
Date:   2004-06-02 18:08


With beginners, ages 10 or 11 in my schools, I enjoy their honest excitement of learning new concepts. Their eagerness to tackle the unknown amazes me.

I enjoy the tenacity of middle level students when they take that advancing technique and really dig in. They often display maturity beyond their years.

I love challenging the advanced students and am often amazed when they surpass my wildest expectations.

Who would I rather teach? Students at each of these levels are making music. I enjoy them all.


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 Re: Who would you rather teach?
Author: sfalexi 
Date:   2004-06-02 18:15



With beginners, ages 10 or 11 in my schools, I enjoy their honest excitement of learning new concepts. Their eagerness to tackle the unknown amazes me.
If only I could people to feel that way about math . . . . . . [frown]


US Army Japan Band

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 Re: Who would you rather teach?
Author: hans 
Date:   2004-06-02 19:34

I've taught (as a volunteer) both high school and grades 6/7/8 elementary school and enjoy teaching the elementary students the most.
As William said above, their steep learning curve is a factor.

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 Re: Who would you rather teach?
Author: Katrina 
Date:   2004-06-03 01:55

I love teaching all of my students. The adult beginners can be fun, but sometimes the younger ones can try my patience. I think my favorite students to teach are the advanced high school ones because they take my advice to heart and actually practice! Even my better beginners are hard to motivate to work. I push them and they can be fun, but sometimes I feel like I'm talking to the wall, they're so unresponsive!


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 Re: Who would you rather teach?
Author: allencole 
Date:   2004-06-03 16:20

I have to agree with John each group has its own rewards.

I especially enjoy beginners because they haven't yet learned to be lazy. You can set things up from the git-go so that the scales are their friends and move them towards being able to play the horn for their own amusement as well as for band.

Adults are pretty slow-moving as a whole (most have real lives) but I find that they really dig into the theory and have more musical interests of their own. They deal well with being drilled on skills, although they usually find it difficult to do at home. But I can give them theory-related things to do on the computer, and they'll dig in. One just bought a curved soprano sax so that he could practice in his car between sales calls.

High schoolers can be difficult if they haven't been acclimated to practice, but if they ARE...what a ride!

It's also important to understand that the differences between these groups compliment each other. One aspect of a certain group might really drain you, while some facet of another group will recharge you. I don't know how it would be to have all the same type of student.

And the more different types you teach, the more you learn yourself. I cannot believe what an education it's been for me over the last 12 years.

Allen Cole

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 Re: Who would you rather teach?
Author: Meri 
Date:   2004-06-03 22:18

Generally, I prefer teaching beginners, and mostly children (9-12) at that. I don't mind teaching adults; some of them I've had are really good students. Teens have been mixed: the first one I taught is a great student, but the second one I had to drop because of her complete lack of lesson consistency, not reading lesson policies (which I had to enforce), among other issues.


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