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 To reach a crescendo ...
Author: diz 
Date:   2004-05-31 22:15

I bought "Limelight Magazine" this morning. It's our national broadcaster's so called arts magazine ... it contains (almost) full programming for ABC Classic FM (my reason for purchasing it).

There is a wonderful editorial on the LSO ... but it begins:

"It was the first note in a symphony that would take many years to reach a crescendo ..."

Errkkk ... horrifying really. A crescendo, by definition, is a building. I found it surprising that Limelight's editor let this slip. This is the kind of phrase often used by sporting commentators (to my chargrin) "the crowd's roar built up to a crescendo" I don't blem the sporting fraternity, I'm sure they actually have no idea what the word actually means, hence are not able to see the double useage. But from an Arts magazine ... yech.

The article on the LSO was very intersting, by the way.

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 Re: To reach a crescendo ...
Author: kenbear 
Date:   2004-06-01 01:45

It's 4.30pm and the staff look like they want to kick you out and tidy up for the dinner crowd...

But, bugger it, you've paid over the top for that third bottle of Hill of Grace and you're damn well going to savour it... plenty of time to knock that LSO article off before deadline... you're a pro, after all.

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 Re: To reach a crescendo ...
Author: diz 
Date:   2004-06-01 01:47

LOL@ken ... you've obviously visited the ABC Ultimo centre recently??

p.s. being intoxicated doesn't turn off 'my' grammar engine

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 Re: To reach a crescendo ...
Author: GBK 
Date:   2004-06-01 01:54


A bit off topic, but nonetheless:

One of my favorite "worst" opening lines from an article:

"Detective Inspector Mike Norman slipped six fingers into his overcoat pocket, five of them clad in a latex glove and attached to his palm, while the sixth was wrapped in a plastic evidence bag and apparently belonged to the kidnapped pianist Ricardo Moore, or, as it now seemed likely, the kidnapped ex-pianist Ricardo Moore."


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 Re: To reach a crescendo ...
Author: William 
Date:   2004-06-01 15:31

An the thread begins its cresendo.....................(six fingers--LOL)

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 Re: To reach a crescendo ...
Author: David Spiegelthal 2017
Date:   2004-06-01 15:40

EVERY non-musician writer in the U.S., whether in the print or the broadcasting media, makes the mistake of using the word "crescendo" to indicate a "maximum" or "peak" loudness. I'm really tired of it too. But probably nobody other than diz or me cares.........

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 Re: To reach a crescendo ...
Author: justwannaplay 
Date:   2004-06-01 16:29

Actually, a 'crescendo' is more of a 'growth', rather than a 'building', looking at the word literally: the gerund of 'crescere' - to grow, or rise (if thinking of bread). A more 'organic' sense perhaps.

Sorry, just had to be a nit-picker there :) [grin]

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 Re: To reach a crescendo ...
Author: Don Berger 
Date:   2004-06-01 17:41

Should we suggest they listen to Ravel's "Bolero"? Actually many [most?] overtures, thinking of Rossini, Offenbach, etc rise to the occasion, of the rise of the curtain !! Thots ? Don

Thanx, Mark, Don

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 Re: To reach a crescendo ...
Author: theclarinetist 
Date:   2004-06-01 20:47

THis is completely off the subject, but if we are going to gripe about word choices.... I hate when people use "myself" incorrectly. People use lots of words incorrectly, but "myself" just annoys me because they are obviously using it because they think it makes them sound more proper... The crescendo thing, on the other hand, doesn't really bother me.

Could you say that crescendo is not just the growth itself, but the "state of growing". The ground can slope (verb) or have a slope (noun). A sound can crescendo, but can it have a "crescendo"? Is "crescendo-ness" a quality that a sound can possess?? I don't really even know what I'm talking about any more, so I'm just going to stop...


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 Re: To reach a crescendo ...
Author: sfalexi 
Date:   2004-06-01 21:48


I don't apperceive what thou couldst convey about utilizing the idiom "myself" to appear well-versed. I modestly transcribe the identical way that I articulate. And should I appear to expend an extravagent expression 'here or there', so be it. I'm merely attempting to be myself . . .


http://www.thesaurus.com and lots of free time tonight . . .

US Army Japan Band

Post Edited (2004-06-01 21:48)

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 Re: To reach a crescendo ...
Author: Mark Pinner 
Date:   2004-06-02 14:32

Maybe, just maybe, Ken has been savouring too much of the Hensche product, Hill of Grace that is, at the Agincourt Hotel adjacent to the ABC Ultimo. It is just a supposition but maybe, at the time, the LSO were particularly insipid and it took them a while to be audible enough to reach the start of a crescendo. Another explanation may lie in the Rex Mossop phenomena. Understood only by Australians, from Sydney or Brisbane, over the age of 35, who have at least distantly followed the Rugby League. Rex, a football commentator and identity from the Manly area, was fond of tautology and general misuse of the English language. The first half of a football game was often referred to, rather poetically, as the opening stanza, What would Shakespeare have thought. The term confabulation, or spirited conversation, was generally applied to two large blokes belting each other in the head, toe to toe. Many a Saturday afternoon game of Rugby League reached a, or is that an, crescendo at least once and sometimes more than once. Maybe Rex has set the standard that arts commentatots struggle to reach. We will find out in the next stanza of play, I am sure, becuase you must bear in mind it is a game of two halves!

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 Re: To reach a crescendo ...
Author: diz 
Date:   2004-06-02 22:01

Mark Pinner ... you are so angular ... very impressive! And I always thought you were a bully in your trumpet playing days ... I jest. Have you started building that contrabassoon yet or are you crescendoing (erk) to the event, prithee?

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 Re: To reach a crescendo ...
Author: Pam H. 
Date:   2004-06-03 23:03

Dave S - I care! That's why I bothered to look at this thread...

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