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 Any other HS bands canceling Euro Trips
Author: ginny 
Date:   2003-04-01 22:34

So, the district canceled my son's band trip to Vienna, Prague and Dresden.
They are permiting (for mysterious bureaucratic reasons) another school in the district to travel to Paris. The school and band is predominantly Asian. In fact they are even going to limit travel to Disneyland (you recall the 9-11 monsters check it out.)

I think all plane travel has mild risks, SARS being greater than terrorists. But anyone else get their trip canceled? My Ouija board says its ok.

Any posters in Europe who have seen any problems for Americans as individuals?


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 Re: Any other HS bands canceling Euro Trips
Author: stevensfo 
Date:   2003-04-02 05:45

Hi Ginny,

This is really sad and unfortunately over-reactions like this are quite common. I'm from the UK, working in Italy and I can't think of any reason why a school trip to Europe should be cancelled. I guess media hysteria and ignorance are widespread.
When I was very young we went on a trip to the USA and I was terrified, convinced that all americans had guns, large houses and spent most of the time in gun battles. Isn't television great! :-)

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 Re: Any other HS bands canceling Euro Trips
Author: David Peacham 
Date:   2003-04-02 07:19

Hysteria has broken out all over.

Some major Japanese companies have recalled staff from business trips to England. "Because there's a war on". SARS I accept is a bit of a worry, but that wasn't the issue two weeks ago. Do they really think Saddam is about to drop bombs on London?


If there are so many people on this board unwilling or unable to have a civil and balanced discussion about important issues, then I shan't bother to post here any more.

To the great relief of many of you, no doubt.

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 Re: Any other HS bands canceling Euro Trips
Author: beejay 
Date:   2003-04-02 08:58

Far as I can see there is no hostility towards individual Americans in France whatsoever. And despite differences over Iraq, France as a nation is still sympathetic to the United States. If people over there are fearful of what's happening over here, blame it on Rupert Murdoch.

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 Re: Any other HS bands canceling Euro Trips
Author: St├ęphane 
Date:   2003-04-02 09:42

As a French national, I can confirm Beejay's words about French feelings towards Americans that show absolutely no animosity whatsoever. On the contrary, a lot of people are very sad and worried that the different respective approaches of the French and the American administrations over Iraq as displayed by some media have such an biaised impact on what french and american people are supposed to resent for each other.

This world definitely needs more and more music...

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 Re: Any other HS bands canceling Euro Trips
Author: Pam H. 
Date:   2003-04-02 11:37

I remember seeing something on the news in the last week or so that a high school band and singers were cancelling a trip to Europe. I don't remember any of the details, as I tend to watch the news in snippetts. I do remember them saying that they would try to re-schedule for the following year but this year's seniors would be out of luck.

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 Re: Any other HS bands canceling Euro Trips
Author: Synonymous Botch 
Date:   2003-04-02 11:55

...And less inflammatory television.

We have yet another wave of my fellow hockey fans booing the Canadian national anthem... and 60% of the professional players are Canucks!

Doesn't anyone feel manipulated by this sort of thing?

Music, like money, has no smell....

I'm not surprised a functionary of a school would pull the plug... it's just that a bunch of Band kids would make such a positive impact when everyone else bails out.

I went to China after Tiananmen (ancient history) and was treated with nothing but respect.

I wish the same could be said for visitors to my country.

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 Re: Any other HS bands canceling Euro Trips
Author: Mark Charette 2017
Date:   2003-04-02 12:04

Can't people just answer questions without taking potshots at their own or other countries?

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 Re: Any other HS bands canceling Euro Trips
Author: William Hughes 2017
Date:   2003-04-02 13:20

Our son's German Club trip to Berlin, Weimar and Munich is still on for June...and Mom and I get to go along! I have no concerns at all about safety issues and I look forward to an enlightening travel experience, including, I hope, a visit to jazz clubs and other music venues.

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 Re: Any other HS bands canceling Euro Trips
Author: aaron_diestel 
Date:   2003-04-02 15:08

My university's orchestra at the University of Northern Colorado is still going to tour in Spain as part of the Cycle of Orchestras through the University of Zaragosa. We are touring the second week or so of May.
There was concern about travel and some students have backed out because of their own concerns, concerns that are not grounded in any real fact, but they are in controll of theur own saftey. There has been no concern for travel from the president of the university and we have been cleared to travel for the tour.
Groups/people have more to fear from the SARS threat than from any war or terrorist threat effecting their travel overseas.

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 Re: Any other HS bands canceling Euro Trips
Author: clarinetmama 
Date:   2003-04-02 16:04

Several years ago I travelled to the British Isles with an orchestra and we were told not to be "ugly" Americans. Sadly a few of the so called grownups were awful...they were rude to our hosts, loud, obnoxious, just exactly what one thinks of when they hear that term. That was seven years ago and I must admit in certain parts of England there appeared to be some strange undercurrent of bad feelings.

My nephew is in the Navy in Spain. He NEVER wears his uniform because the anti-American sentiment is running so high in Spain right now.

I guess the best suggestion for people to travel is to be careful, have fun, but don't bring attention to yourself.


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 Re: Any other HS bands canceling Euro Trips
Author: Carmen 
Date:   2003-04-03 04:08

This has happened to me twice in the last two years. My youth orchestra cancelled its France&Ireland trip this year, but primarily out of a lack of orchestra members planning to attend.
And last year, my school band cancelled our trip to London and Paris primarily due to the 9-11 incident.

***...so do all who seen such times, but that is not for them to decide. All you can do is decide what to do with the time that is given to you.***

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