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 Eb tuning barrels & mouthpieces
Author: Clare 
Date:   2003-03-28 07:41

I'm interested to know what other Eefer players use in the way of barrel & mouthpiece set-up and for some advice on the various pros & cons.

There's a lot of dialogue on the BB about barrel improvements to help tuning consistency throughout the instrument, but I've not seen any specialist Eb barrels advertised in any of the stores I've looked at.

I know tuning problems are part & parcel of eefer play, but as well as making the most of lips, diaphragm & ears to improve the pitch, I wonder whether there are any technical improvements I can make. [I'm finding it particularly hard to get any effective use from my diaphragm during pregnancy and feeling that I'm playing flat all the time isn't really helping my confidence!]

My instrument is a B&H Imperial, with its original barrel and a Vandoren 5RV mouthpiece (for which it recommends #2 reeds).

All suggestions (other than ditching the eefer) gratefully received.

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 Re: Eb tuning barrels & mouthpieces
Author: Jeroen 
Date:   2003-03-28 08:55

I have played some time on a 5RV. It offers a decent tone and has no special tuning issues. But #2 is far too light. I think #3 is the minimum and #3.5 is preferred to get good tone and tuning.


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 Re: Eb tuning barrels & mouthpieces
Author: Clare 
Date:   2003-03-28 10:00

Thanks Jeroen. Prompted by your post - which contradicted the earlier advice I'd been given about reed strength for the 5RV - I've checked the Vandoren site. As you say, #3-4 is recommended. Will re-try that. Thanks!

Am still interested in comments on barrels, if anyone has any advice. Is there much to be gained by trying different ones, or is it just a ruse to encourage more £££ on equipment?

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 Re: Eb tuning barrels & mouthpieces
Author: jez 
Date:   2003-03-28 11:47

I used to have a B&H Imperial Eb and seem to remember that if I wanted to use a Vandoren mouthpiece I had to have it shortened to be anywhere near in tune. Presumably you could achieve the same thing with a shorter barrel. This is still not the ideal set-up however as the bore-size of the Imperial is different from modern standard instruments, for which Vandoren cater.
Do you have the original mp.? If you don't like it you could try having it refaced. A good mp. maker should supply one with the right dimensions.
It's a very good instrument so must be worth the trouble to find a suitable mp. before you ditch it.

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 Re: Eb tuning barrels & mouthpieces
Author: Clare 
Date:   2003-03-29 07:57

No no no no no Jez - wouldn't DREAM of ditching it!!!! I just put that in the original post as I am sick of reading the "eefers are the sons of Satan"-type posts and wanted real advice on getting the set-up right, not humour! Sorry I gave the wrong impression!

It is a really lovely instrument - and in excellent condition. Sadly I don't have the original mp, and I'd had a hunch that the combination wasn't quite right.

I've e-mailed Peter Eaton (I use one of his small-bore mouthpieces on my Yamaha Custom A & Bb and have been v.pleased with it) to see if he still makes eefer mpcs. Do you know of any other manufacturers that would supply compatible Eb mpcs?

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 Re: Eb tuning barrels & mouthpieces
Author: Ed 
Date:   2003-03-29 11:25

Clark Fobes makes great Eb mouthpieces and does make his own barrels.

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 Re: Eb tuning barrels & mouthpieces
Author: jez 
Date:   2003-03-29 12:25

Edward Pillinger offers a mp. suitable for the Imperial.

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 Re: Eb tuning barrels & mouthpieces
Author: R13A 
Date:   2003-03-29 12:39

Hi Clare

first...mp's.....although I have 3 eefers, I'm not proficient on it as I was 30 yrs ago. I've tried numnerous brand/model mps and have come down to 3..... Bay, Fobes and believe it or not, a stock Selmer C*. Of the first two, the Bay seems a little brighter. The C* seems to just 'work', period. All 3 play equally well with a Vand #3. I found using a BG Revelation works best with either mp (personally, the super Rev w/gold plate is a gimmick). The local symphony 2sd/eefer went from a B40 to B45 to a Hite.
Insofar as Son of Satan, I would guess that any instrument is if one dosen't practice on it. Granted, perhaps more so with an eefer or piccolo. This past summer, however, at the OK Clarinet Symposium, Mz. Diane Cawein performed several recital pcs on Eb as well as Bassi's Gran Duo Concertato (Eb/Bb duet). Her performance was a joy to hear and superb !


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 Re: Eb tuning barrels & mouthpieces
Author: cyso_clarinetist 
Date:   2003-03-29 12:53

Burden of Eb clarinet playing... It's not never easy and I greatly sympathize with you. I have to play Berlioz at a Master Class at Clarinet Cornucopia at North Illinois University.

I have never played the Eb clarinet model in which you own but I have tried the bulk of the Buffet/Leblanc horns. A mouthpiece I really recommend you try is Richard Hawkin's Eb mouthpiece. It's a great mouthpiece and it makes dramatic improvements on most buffet and Leblanc Effers. Perhaps it would do the same your Eb clarinet.

Good luck,
- James

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 Re: Eb tuning barrels & mouthpieces
Author: William 
Date:   2003-03-29 13:48

Yamaha (older) Pro level Eb with a Selmer HS** mpc, BG lig and VD 3.5 Bb reeds (cut to size with an electrical wire crimper). I had the original stock and Chadash barrels both shortened to raise the general pitch. The Selmer mpc plays those problem high notes very well in tune for me.

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 Re: Eb tuning barrels & mouthpieces
Author: Clare 
Date:   2003-03-29 15:06

Thanks all for your help & advice.
I feel newly inspired & will follow up your various suggestions.

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 Re: Eb tuning barrels & mouthpieces
Author: Robert Small 
Date:   2003-03-29 16:05

I use a Patricola Eb with a Charles Bay mouthpiece. Nice playing set-up but I'm considering checking out one of Ralph Morgan's pieces. He makes three different pieces for Eb (I think).

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