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 Mr Alto needs an overhaul
Author: contragirl 
Date:   2003-03-28 06:52

Yes, so I got back from vacation and my ebay alto was waiting for me. I really didn't expect much when I bought it, but I think it is actually a pretty good horn. I assumed it would need an overhaul, and it does. It needs pads, probably cork, and definately cleaning.

There are some places that are completely worn down to the bare metal. I was wondering if a tech would be able to replate just those small areas, and about how much it would cost. Also, can techs buff the keys up some? (I admit to being aesthetic, but I am into quality as well. :) ) But these keys are pretty dull and worn.

And the mouthpiece that came with it is actually a name brand. It is the same kind I am using currently, which is a Selmer C**. But this one is a disgusting brown with some scratches. Would a tech be able to ger rid of the brown, clean it, and reface it? The tips and rails look fine otherwise.


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 Re: Mr Alto needs an overhaul
Author: Don Berger 
Date:   2003-03-28 21:39

CG, it sounds like a "sufficient" overhaul may be costly, saxes [plateau keying] interlock worse than clar, takes more work and time and pads are expensive. Re: brown/green mp, the C** should be a good one for jazz, I wouldn't reface it without trials. We have discusse earlier how to blacken the Hard Rubbers, believe a mild oxidative/bleach with rubbing might work for you. Repair-techs, please help. Don

Thanx, Mark, Don

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 Re: Mr Alto needs an overhaul
Author: jbutler 2017
Date:   2003-03-29 16:27

Key buffing is possible, but spot plating doesn't usually last. Plating is merely comsmetic. To get the keys, posts, neck and bell replated may be more costly than you are prepared to pay. Expect to spend at least $300 for the plating on top of the overhaul price which could bring the cost to at least $600. When one buys off eBay, they can expect instruments in condition similar to this unless the description notes "like new" or similar, and then can't be all that accurate.


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 Re: Mr Alto needs an overhaul
Author: Mark Pinner 
Date:   2003-03-29 21:01

Forget spot plating it is a waste of time and money. Plating works better on whole keys and is only cosmetic. Buffing keys will only keep them shiny for a short time and may even make them slippery and difficult to play. Why not just go and buy another C**. They are hardly the most expensive on the market. A refacing will probably cost as much as a new S80 or S90, US$60-80?. I prefer the soloist which is a little more expensive but more solid. Even the soloist wont be much over US$100. Assuming that this is a good quality alto it is probably worth an overhaul and new mouthpiece it will still probably work out cheaper than buying a new student model.

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 Re: Mr Alto needs an overhaul
Author: funkymunky 
Date:   2003-04-02 01:29

That reminds me i bought an Bundy alto sax off Ebay described as "excellent condition, barely played". Turns out it had 2 springs missings, on one of the missing spring keys, a pad was SCOTCH TAPED in. most pads were crusty and some were brand new. Turns out a few days later i find a leaking pad. After my complaints i finally get my reimbursment.

BUT! Looking around on Ebay i find a Buffet B-12 for $60 with a vague description, blurry pictures and no response on if it had cracks or needed pads. Turns out it looked brand new, played brand new. Only the "Buffet" sign on the pieces was faded. Pads looked new and had to have been recorked because the cork was in great condition in two colors. For only $80 with shipping included.

Turns out you never can tell what you will get on Ebay.

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