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 Boosey & Hawkes mouthpieces?
Author: P.Mayo 
Date:   1999-09-05 22:15

Right now I'm getting a Boosey & Hawkes Edgware clarinet overhauled. I believe it dates from 1953. I talked to someone who told me I need to have either the original mouthpiece or a special mouthpiece made for wide bore clarinets in order for it to play in tune? Is this true? I'd like to be able to play my Vandoren B45 mouthpiece on it.

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 RE: Boosey & Hawkes mouthpieces?
Author: Dave Spiegelthal 
Date:   1999-09-07 14:30

You can use whatver mouthpiece you like on the B & H Edgwares. Ask the man who owns one (I've had three of them, and still play on one regularly, a 1954 hard-rubber clarinet). Whoever told you you need to use the original mouthpiece, is incorrect (to put it nicely).

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 RE: Boosey & Hawkes mouthpieces?
Author: steve 
Date:   1999-09-09 21:28

I agree with Dave. I've overhauled several B&Hs, and the Edgware is no different, (in terms of pitch).
Generally mouthpieces don't change the pitch. The lay may make a different reed necessary than the one normally used, which can cause problems with pitch because the player isn't applying the required embouchure adjustments.
The wider the bore, the more harmonics can be sounded. The pitch is determined by the length. This is over-simplifying things. Tone and pitch are determined by no one single factor !

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 RE: Boosey & Hawkes mouthpieces?
Author: Chris Hill 
Date:   1999-09-10 04:15

I differ with the opinion that mouthpieces don't affect pitch. The mouthpiece has a tremendous effect on not only the pitch level of the clarinet, but the intervals as well. If you like your current mouthpiece, try it on the instrument using a tuner. If you are in tune with this set-up, then use it. If the pitch is not good, then you should consider other mouthpieces with a larger bore, such as the very old Selmers.

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 RE: Boosey & Hawkes mouthpieces?
Author: Rex Tomkinson 
Date:   1999-09-10 21:47

I am not familiar with the edgware clarinet, but I have played wide bore 1010's for many years-and the road to mouthpiece heaven has been a long and bumpy one! I don't know whether your B45 is compatible with the bore size of the Edgware, but if the mouthiece has the smaller of the bores, you have no chance. It is not just a question of the intonation-the dynamics of the instrument will be out and the instrument will just sound 'wrong'. (that's not a very technical explanation, I know) If the mouthpiece has a larger bore than the instrument (which I doubt)you can sometimes get away with it-but NEVER the opposite. I bow to the opinions of all the contributors, but I have a sneaky suspicion that your original advisor knew what he/she was talking about! If, when you test the intonation critically against a tuner, you decide that your B45 is not 'cutting the mustard', my advise would be to try (if you can find them)some Boosey and Hawkes 1010 mouthpieces or take some advise from Peter Eaton who now produces a comprehensive range of mouthpieces; one of which would be bound to suit. I hope I have helped.

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