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 Kohlert Clarinet
Author: Tina 
Date:   2003-10-06 03:30

I have a Kohlert Clarinet. It is marked with the letter B and Kohlert & Co Winnenden. It was purchased in the 1950's or early 60's possibly in Germany between 1955 and 1959. I am looking for any information about this instrument, ie price, is it worth restoring, etc... It has been in the original case, but that is falling apart. The case was lined with a red velvet like material that had red cording around the edges. The lid had a pocket for a cleaning tool. I appreciate any information.

Thanks, Tina

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 Re: Kohlert Clarinet
Author: ron b 
Date:   2003-10-06 04:14

All the Kohlerts I've touched have been worth restoring, Tina. By that I mean the wood wasn't splintered and all the keywork was accounted for. The restored Kohlerts were also all Low(modern) Pitch instruments. What's your like?
Don't know much about the maker other than they've been around a very long time and moved around, country to country, quite a bit. Its worth is probably about what you paid for it... really, who knows for sure? It depends on year it was made, country where it was made, its present condition... on and on.
If you do decide to retore it to play make sure you have a mouthpiece to match the instrument because it'll play a whole lot better -- some of them had/have slightly larger bores than most present day (N.) 'American' horns.

- r[cool]n b -

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 Re: Kohlert Clarinet
Author: eskil 
Date:   2003-10-28 17:05

Hey there!

I looked at a Kohlert clarinet in a shop a while back and searched for info on it. The best info was at:


Somewhere on that page is some info on the Kohlert around the years 1953 - 1965, during which period they went from being happy and successful, to having severe financial trouble, followed by bad quality control, and finally, in 1965, bankruptcy. I guess a Kohlert from the late fifties, like yours, could be either good or bad...

Hope this is of at least some help! /Eskil

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 Re: Kohlert Clarinet
Author: acdcgraphics.com 
Date:   2003-11-20 20:07

Dear Ron:
I just bought an Eb clarinet, the bell is enscribed: V Kolhert Sons Makers, Grazlitz, Made in Bohemia, Eb 239827

Since you seem to know much about the Kohlert clarinets, is there any way from this information (serial number, where it was made) to find out approximately when this little guy was made? Or do you know any juicy tid-bits about it?

It's really a nice-sounding horn, and extra tiny. I used to play an old Selmer Signet Eb and this is a good inch to two inches shorter. It's wooden, not sure what kind of wood, though.

Thanks much for reading!!


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 Re: Kohlert Clarinet
Author: ron b 
Date:   2003-12-17 05:01

I don't know all that much about instrument history - there are historians around here who seemingly have encyclopedic knowledge. The Kohlerts I've worked on were pretty well made, with good intonation and played very well. I don't know what years they were made but, since they're Albert systems, I figure they're from the 'old school'. Sorry I can't tell you more about your instrument. My motto: If it plays nice, just enjoy it....  :)

- ron b -

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 Re: Kohlert Clarinet
Author: acdcgraphics.com 
Date:   2003-12-17 17:09

So true. I totally agree with you there! Happy Holidays!

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 Re: Kohlert Clarinet
Author: Tina 
Date:   2003-12-17 21:01

I have taken the Kohlert into the shop for a repad and respring. They have told me it is a full Bohem System clarinet in Bflat. I have found a few pictures on the internet, but until I have the horn in my hands I can't compare. They have also said it's made of an Ebony type wood. I'm still gathering information on this one.


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 Re: Kohlert Clarinet
Author: bulldoggy1 
Date:   2009-03-30 16:21

I have the same clarinet with serial number 239825, practically a twin to yours. I haven't had it restored. Is it of any value? My current email address is jetur2@comcast.net.

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 Re: Kohlert Clarinet
Author: Schattenfreude 
Date:   2017-04-01 09:51

I've read elsewhere that with the older Kohlert clarinets made prior to WWII, the first two digits of the serial number represent the year it was made. So a horn starting with the numbers 23.... = 1923

When the company moved to Winnenden, I understand that they started over with the number 1. (not nearly as revealing as their prior system, I know.)


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