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 Altissimo register on Bb Clarinet
Author: Deldrick Chatman 
Date:   1999-05-20 00:09

Isn't there and altissimo register on the Bb Clarinet anymore? Is it still used in music?

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 RE: Altissimo register on Bb Clarinet
Author: Eoin McAuley 
Date:   1999-06-22 07:21

The normal range of the Bb Clarinet is considered to be
E1 to C4. This means that any professional clarinettist
should be able to produce these notes. It is possible
to get notes above C4, but composers should be wary of
putting them into pieces, since some players may not be
able to play them.

The range of the clarinet is divided into three "registers".
In normal fingering, E1 to Bb2 is the chalumeau or low register, B2 to C3 is the Clarion or middle register and C#3 to as high as you can go is the Altissimo or high register.

While the first two nominal registers correspond to actual acoustic registers on the clarinet, the altissimo register is actually a number of registers thrown together.

If you play D Eb E F F# G slurred in the altissimo register using standard fingering, you will hear a click or chirp noise as you switch to the G. The G is actually in a different register. The sure fire sign is that you cover holes to go from F# to G.

In acoustic terms, the chalumeau register is the fundamental or 1st harmonic of the instrument. The clarion is the 3rd harmonic. The lower notes of the altissimo are the 5th harmonic. The standard fingering G4 is 7th harmonic, although there are alternative fingerings which user the 5th harmonic.


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 RE: Altissimo register on Bb Clarinet
Author: Kev M 
Date:   2006-03-13 17:36

hey well i wanted to know the fingering from C3 up to altissimo c, so could u pleast say the fingering?

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 Re: Altissimo register on Bb Clarinet
Author: musicman83 
Date:   2006-04-18 01:31

Wow this is an old thread. Here's a couple of altissimo fingering charts. I wasn't sure how to set them up as a link so just copy and paste them into your address bar



[ You can link URLs by enclosing them in < >. All is explained in the Help/Rules section of the bulletin board:

http://test.woodwind.org/clarinet/BBoard/help.html?f=18 - GBK ]

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 Re: Altissimo register on Bb Clarinet
Author: Markus Wenninger 
Date:   2006-04-19 14:35

the fingering chart by this message board is very concise and works well, I´d strongly recommend it.
Eoin - the clarinet is well able to use full four octaves, and many there´s a composition deploying this range, it solely depends whether the performer and the composer left the tonal imprisonment behind or not.

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 Re: Altissimo register on Bb Clarinet
Author: Swede 
Date:   2006-05-12 17:17

An alternative visual fingering chart would be this link:

Hope it helps !


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 Re: Altissimo register on Bb Clarinet
Author: GBK 
Date:   2006-05-12 18:36

Dan -

The fingering chart you referenced is not much more than you would find in a beginner's text. A number of important fingerings are omitted, and the given fingering for F#6 is incorrect.

A better alternative for an on-line example would be the fingering charts which were previously given:

http://www.wfg.woodwind.org/clarinet/cl_alt_3.html and


I have contributed many fingering to that site, and while not comprehensive, it is a good source to look through.

One should also own a fingering text in their personal library. The books by Ridenour, Syms, Opperman, etc... are excellent and are a worthwhile investment...GBK

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