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 Controlling/Voicing using Throat
Author: drizzledtoes 
Date:   2021-04-10 13:12

Hello all!

Sorry for another post, but i would like to know your thoughts about "voicing" on the oboe! From what i understand, you voice by controlling the opening of your throat i suppose? More open = slower air speed, more closed = faster air speed

I understand that the vowel "o" makes you more open and the vowel "e" makes you more closed. I can open my throat with ease but i can't make it closed at all, and i am not sure how to translate saying the vowel "e" into playing the oboe to make my throat more closed, as i feel i am always too open in my throat area, and this causes a lot of flatness. So if anyone has any comments to share which can help me feel or know how to close my throat so that i can certainly play less flat, especially in my higher octaves

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 Re: Controlling/Voicing using Throat
Author: Hotboy 
Date:   2021-04-10 19:06

I have never believed in closing the throat. The oboe requires high pressure at the reed and closing the throat cuts the volume of air and reduces pressure.

When I play the high register, I close the lips very tightly while keeping the teeth and throat wide open and blowing very hard. The resulting high pressure keeps the reed vibrating, the open teeth keeps the tone rich and the pitch from going sharp, and the closed lips keep the volume from becoming too loud and the tone from becoming shrill.

If you feel the need to close the throat to reduce pressure, then your lip and cheek muscles need strengthening.

Bay Area, California

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 Re: Controlling/Voicing using Throat
Author: EaubeauHorn 
Date:   2021-05-14 23:55

Yes. The shape of the mouth cavity affects the tone quality on all the winds (flute, I dunno) and it's something to experiment with. Some people really get into that.

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 Re: Controlling/Voicing using Throat
Author: NewKidontheBlock 
Date:   2021-05-17 10:28

I was agree with the idea of non clocing or choking throat...until the oboes, for me that's means Marigaux, started to be flat as Devil's basement.

Now, closing throat, smaller tubes, narrow cane, short scrape and the famous bunch of soldiers raising the flag are necessary to quasi be at 442.


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