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 New way of fastening reeds to staple.
Author: Barry Vincent 
Date:   2019-07-01 05:11

Has anyone watched the Utube video put out by K. GE. Reeds to demonstrate how to fasten gouged/shaped and bent cane to the staple without using binding thread. It demonstrates this by showing how two prepared pieces of special wire are positioned around the reed before the reed is pushed over the staple. The video is entitled "K.GE. Oboe reed ligature. Seems like a quick and easy way of positioning the reed on a staple.


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 Re: New way of fastening reeds to staple.
Author: Hotboy 
Date:   2019-07-02 00:17

I just watched the video....I probably won't be adopting the method.

- Allows you to take a well-made reed with the right opening but out of tune and replace it on another staple to make it play in tune.
- Possible vibrational aspects discussed on KGE website,

- Takes longer to assemble blank reed than with traditional thread.
- More delicate and looks like the cane can more easily shift around on the staple, especially while scraping.
- More expensive to make. Ligatures add $.60 per reed, and you need sealing tape as well. Ligatures are not reusable.
- Greater quantity of staples of different lengths required to keep in stock in order to make changes.

Bay Area, California

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 Re: New way of fastening reeds to staple.
Author: cjwright 
Date:   2019-07-27 11:59

This looks like it might be more beneficial for short scrape reeds, but American reeds are too delicate to do this. The major advantage he mentions is the flexibility to change length and staple, but doing this with an american reed would change too many variables including the opening size and response and would render one useless.

Blog, An Oboe In Paradise
Solo Oboe, Thailand Philharmonic Orchestra

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 Re: New way of fastening reeds to staple.
Author: borris 
Date:   2019-07-27 12:26

The conventional way is faster/more reliable/cheaper, IMHO.

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 Re: New way of fastening reeds to staple.
Author: oboist2 
Date:   2019-07-28 01:55

The very first thing I ever learned to do was to tie on. The method I learned was a bit different from the way most people do it, but it works and I can do it in my sleep. Anything that adds to the cost of making a reed, that is not absolutely necessary, I would avoid. For people starting out their reed making journey, it may be a worthwhile path, I don't know, but my old method works well for me. I am sure that for some, it will be a very worthwhile method, so I certainly encourage innovation.

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 Re: New way of fastening reeds to staple.
Author: Barry Vincent 
Date:   2019-08-02 05:48

Thanks for the input everyone. I would have to agree that if you're very deft at tying on with tread there'd be no need to fiddle with these two pre-shaped pieces of wire prior to tying on.
Anyway, I find the tying on procedure quite relaxing. In fact I find the whole process of reed making relaxing as I'm also listening to music while I'm doing it.


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