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 Re: Adult Learner - does this plan make sense?
Author: WestieGirl 
Date:   2018-10-08 23:59

Hi Lucky Jim

Its great that you love the sound of the oboe, in the right hands it is the most beautiful sounding instrument in my biased opinion, but then I have been playing for over 30 years.

While hotboy makes some valid points, I would say don’t just presume that you will never be able to play one based on the points made. I have helped and played with adult learners before so it is not impossible but what I wound say is I have not seen many who can develop that beautiful tone you admire. And in my experience the old you start the harder it is to get it.

When you first start playing the oboe it does not sound like the recordings you hear, its loud, brash and as the saying goes duck like, this is down to the lack of knowledge about correct breathing and the lack of muscle development around the embrochure. My personal opionion is as a child with much more flexible and its easier to develop the strength needed. Breathing is difficult but not because it takes a lot off puff, but because you are blowing through a tiny hole in the top of the reed you end up with a build up of air in your lungs.

If you are still keen my advice would be to have a look at any music schools around your area or contact music shops and find out if there are any schemes where you can hire an instrument and have a few lessons and see how you go.

Before that however if you have any musical friends perhaps you can get them to try a few exercises with you. As on oboist you need to have a very good ear as there are so many minute adjustments you need to make while playing to keep the different notes in tune. Putting the reed in and just blowing the same on every note doesn’t work. Ask a friend to play you some notes and try and sing them back and see how well you can keep the pitch. I am also of the opinion that the oboe is a very difficult instrument to learn without having lessons with a actual oboe specialist, apart from correct posture, correct breathing and finger technique, you need to hear the sound you are aiming for as you play with an experienced player you listen and try to emulate this sound, even then it does take years to get to anywhere near the same sound if ever. If you can cope with not being able to replicate the sound you have heard and love and can enjoy the act of playing no matter what sound comes out then have a go. Playing for me is about the enjoyment of making music.

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