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 Open Hole / Ring Model Lorée
Author: wkleung 
Date:   2017-06-27 04:48

Does anyone know when did Lorée stop producing open hole / ring model instruments?

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 Re: Open Hole / Ring Model Lorée
Author: Chris P 
Date:   2017-06-27 16:05

I'm guessing maybe the '70s at the latest, though chances are it was probably earlier.


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 Re: Open Hole / Ring Model Lorée
Author: oboist2 
Date:   2017-06-29 04:35

Form website searches and interviews I have searched for, it would appear that they stopped in the 50s but would make to order, they then resumed limited production because of demand in the 80s, and I guess would still make to order if requested. It is a pity that the system is not used more widely. I play on a ring model Louis and actually prefer it, even though it is a very old instrument. I started on an ring system, and changed to a plateau Loree after playing for 3 years on it, and it took an age to get used to the difference in sound. I then continued on plateau instruments until this year, and am so pleased to have reverted back to ring system.
However I am not playing professionally now, so can afford the luxury. In so many orchestras these days, all the section must play the same brand and set up. I am very pleased I am not subject to this, as I think there are much more important considerations to good section work.

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 Re: Open Hole / Ring Model Lorée
Author: heckelmaniac 
Date:   2017-07-24 10:25

I have yet to see a Loree "ring system" oboe made past the B series (c. 1957-1968).

I have a CC series ("double letter series," 1910-1929) Loree oboe from 1913.
I have just had a left F key retrofitted. It has F resonance key, low articulated C# mechanism, Ab-Bb trill, and a "Bleuzet" system mechanism for the D#-E trill.
No cracks, no wear to the sliver plating, and the bore still has much of its original polish in evidence. The instrument possesses an "ethereal" sound, a "spot on" scale and voicing, and responds with ease throughout the entire range up to highest harmonic A. A complete "gas" to play! This instrument likely has many lifetimes of music left to play, assuming it is not dropped off any high buildings, or is played in a walk-in freezer. Years ago, it took me about 6 months to become thoroughly at ease with playing my first ring system oboe. For most players,
playing a ring system oboe d'amore or English horn can become "second nature" very quickly as they usually only have two open ring keys. Some of the early Loree "ring system" oboes d'amore and English horns can be fabulous.

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 Re: Open Hole / Ring Model Lorée
Author: Wes 
Date:   2017-07-24 10:40

I have a ring system Buffet English horn that plays well but has holes a little widely spaced. It came in a double case with a Buffet oboe with the date 1916 written behind the velvet lining. A Baxter Northrup sticker was in the case. It is very like the English horn in the Stockholm musical instrument museum.

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 Re: Open Hole / Ring Model Lorée
Author: oboist2 
Date:   2017-07-24 12:26

I had a similar Buffet, dated 1918, the finger spacing caused me a little problems, especially in the right hand....fabulous instrument though, and great sound. One of my students has it now.

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