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 New oboe!!!
Author: SarahC 
Date:   2017-05-25 16:10

So... In ended up buying the Armstrong ward resin oboe.

The only hesitation i had was the placement of the left hand pinky. Hopefully I will get used to it.

Sounds almost (but not quite) as good as his wood oboe.

It is lighter than the wood though, and a little less resistant.

I also tried the Kge which was more free blowing, but the keywork felt a little too flimsy (although i preferred the placement) . And sound was a little less dark.

Funnily the rep reminded me that I didn't come to look at the wood.. When I starting debating whether I should spend the extra.

And she is right. I was happy to sacrifice Some tone for durability. And that that was my purpose in coming... I can buy wood oboes anywhere :p

I felt the keyword felt similar to the Howarth (although I prefer the Howarth pinky placement) , and the wooden one reminded me of the Howarth in sound, but much cheaper.

Sadly it is time for bed... Otherwise I would be practising :o

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 Re: New oboe!!!
Author: Barry Vincent 
Date:   2017-05-26 02:13

Congratuations Sarah , I look forward to seeing it when I'm down your way on the 10th June if your free. Don't worry too much about the tone, whether it be 'dark' or 'thin' or whatever. . It's all mostly in the reed actually. Just so long as the instrument is well made.


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 Re: New oboe!!!
Author: oboist2 
Date:   2017-05-26 02:49

I am really pleased you got to try before you bought, and you have purchased something that you should be happy with. I was very impressed with the instruments that I tried of his and hope you get some great playing and experience with it.

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 Re: New oboe!!!
Author: SarahC 
Date:   2017-05-26 06:47

It is a little more fussy with reeds than my Tom sparkes was (or my sisters which I have been using while mine was out of action..)

As I was practicing today I could feel it was more resistant than I am used to. But not out of realm for me.

And for the price, I can't complain. To get a Fox sight unseen was a minimum 6000$ ... And it could be one of the few lemons they make.

I did order some Jones reeds to see if the American scrape works better for me with it.

However I am not fussy enough. Any of the oboes I tried I would have been happy with. The awkward wines and the kge ones. They all had positives and negatives, and nothing that was a deal breaker. I guess the same would have been if I had bought the fox sight unseen.

But very excited... My sisters oboe needs a service. Clearly this new one won't for a while. So cheering.. Notes work and are in tune. Now to develop my sound enough to make it sound as near to wooden as possible!

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 Re: New oboe!!!
Author: Oblique 
Date:   2017-05-26 15:56

I am so happy for you. Congratulations!

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 Re: New oboe!!!
Author: SarahC 
Date:   2017-05-26 23:14

Thanks oblique. I just ordered some different reeds to see how it responds and which Reed it matches the best


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 Re: New oboe!!!
Author: Chris P 
Date:   2017-05-27 02:35

These oboes are based on an early 1900s Loree oboe which was the basis for oboes made by the British makers Louis, B&H, Howarth and Ward&Winterbourne oboes. The design is very much like the B&H Imperial oboe and especially the Ward&Winterbourne oboes which picked up where B&H left off.

B&H made the Regent (basic plastic thumbplate system), the Emperor (intermediate level wooden thumbplate, con or dual) and Imperial (marketed as their pro model, but later ones weren't really that much better than Emperors). Earlier Imperial oboes were much better than the later ones and were still being played by some pros well into the 2000s (who changed to Howarth XLs).

Louis as a company ceased in the '40s and several former Louis workers formed Howarth in the late '40s picking up the baton from Louis. The name Louis was bought by B&H who stamped it on all manner of imports - some good (Malerne-made Louis Artist models) but mostly Italian imports (beginner level thumbplate models).

Former oboe finisher
Howarth of London
1998 - 2010

The opinions I express are my own.

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 Re: New oboe!!!
Author: Barry Vincent 
Date:   2017-05-27 04:14

Hi Chris. I thoroughly enjoy reading your posts. Some are so informative I copy and paste them elsewhere for future reference. Thank you for taking the time to post these.


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 Re: New oboe!!!
Author: SarahC 
Date:   2017-05-27 04:58

Is that a good or a bad thing?

I realise I have cut my lip, as it is more resistant than I am used to..

Have ordered florist tape. And can't wait to practise tonight!

But my sisters oboe needs a service. So at least all the notes work when I want them.

As i said. The Howarth was nicer to play, but obviously dearer. And not resin.

So I am happy with the compromise.

However after playing the aw wimperial... I wouldn't buy a Howarth. Not worth the price difference. Although possibly the wood might be better quality and more resistant to cracking in the Howarth.

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 Re: New oboe!!!
Author: oboeyogi 
Date:   2017-05-28 13:40

Hi Sarah

Good on you they are nice oboes.

I meet John Armstrong at the ADRS in Brisbane really nice guy he show me how to adjust my oboe perfectly. Which is great as I have re adjusted it many time's since.

Enjoy your blowing.

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 Re: New oboe!!!
Author: SarahC 
Date:   2017-05-29 04:13

Oboeyogi. I am so jealous. Adjusting is a skill I would like!

Interestingly.. My son kicked a water bottle and it hit the oboe... (the Reed then cut my mouth... Let's say I was very grumpy!)

It seems to have survived unscathed! Was very thankful I chose resin after all! Lol. And glad the key work handled that blow!

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