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 fox 300 oboe?
Author: SarahC 
Date:   2017-03-13 04:21

Has anyone tried this oboe?

what do you think?
lightness of mechanism?
benefits of resin? (or not?) other than durability.
compared to others you have played? (in aus.. we can easily buy yamaha, buffet or howarth, or lan mei... not sure if any other are available.. and definitely not readily if they are!)

Anyone know of somewhere i could try one in Aus?

thanks in advance!

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 Re: fox 300 oboe?
Author: matt_lin18 
Date:   2017-04-09 18:24

I played on a Fox 300 for 3 years (albeit an older model, about 1990 when it did not have a third octave key or a low Bb resonance). Great instrument and really have no major complaints about it. I would imagine Fox has improved the model over the years if you were to buy one now.

Mechanism is very stable and stays well adjusted. It's definitely smooth but there's a clickity factor to them too. It's comfortable too, no issues there. Resin of course is that it doesn't crack. The tone is just as gorgeous as any wooden oboe.

The middle to higher register is great and very responsive. There is an element of stuffiness to it especially in the lower register. Very very slight and I do wish it was more freeblowing sometimes.

I also had the chance to try the Fox 333 and 330 models recently. They were newer 2016 models and were the stuffiest and possibly worst oboes I have ever tried. Maybe it was a dud because Fox is praised well in the US. The bells on the instruments were also very small which may be a contributing factor.

In comparison with a Loree Royale (note an instrument twice as expensive), it holds its place. The only major difference I can feel between the Loree and the Fox is the response. The lower register is much smoother and easier to play. The instrument feels like it resonates in your hands more and makes you feel more secure. The Loree does have some resistance because the Royal model has thicker walls but it's a nice, natural feeling of resistance instead of stuffiness.

Also, I recently picked up a violetwood/kingwood Fossati E30. It's marketed at as an intermediate oboe but I think it deserves to be called a professional instrument. It's about $4000 brand new, cheaper than a 300. I would gladly take the Fossati over any Loree AK and I say it matches the Loree Royal. It's a full conservatory system too with a 3rd octave. The only thing it's missing is the B spatula (on the first finger plate). But I have never used that key and I believe it's to help the facilitate the A#-B trill.

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 Re: fox 300 oboe?
Author: SarahC 
Date:   2017-04-19 14:54

thanks matt,
that is very helpful. shame about the stuffiness feel... hmmm.....

i will post another thread.. lol.

too many questions spinning in my head. I sort of want to order the 330 and try for myself.. i can always send it back if i don't like it i guess...

i tried the yamaha 431 M today, which i almost loved.. it just was missing some keys that i think i would miss too much. and the howarth s40c which i loved the tone of, but i enjoyed playing the yamaha more...

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 Re: fox 300 oboe?
Author: EaubeauHorn 
Date:   2017-04-23 20:00

In your situation I'd set aside some money for shipping, make a list of up to five I wanted to try, and just go about it. It's your opinion that counts in the end!!

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 Re: fox 300 oboe?
Author: SarahC 
Date:   2017-04-26 15:52

I wish they would send me more than one.. But because it is overseas, they would make me pay for all of them. And their refunds take six weeks...

I have emailed fox to ask if there is a bore difference between the 330 and the 300... I am really keen for the resin to be honest, otherwise I would get either the Yamaha or the Howarth... (I would like to try the duet Yamaha, ... Just don't know where I can. The Yamaha dealer here has a no return on products they specially order in for u...

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