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 Ravel Oboe - To buy or not to buy?
Author: dmjordan3 
Date:   2012-11-30 21:50

Hey everyone!
I've been looking around for used/new oboes to buy on eBay, I know, it's somewhat of a sin, but the reason I've been looking on eBay is because I only have a $600 limit.
With that being said, it's difficult to find a half-decent oboe for that price. But, I found a Ravel oboe for a decent price, and it has the standard conservatory fingering system, along with the low Bb, F resonance, 3rd octave key, and left F key. But, reviews for this oboe are practically non-existent, and I am concerned about spending my money on an oboe that seems to be of good quality, but may be deceptive.
My other choice is a Selmer Signet 123F Oboe for the same price, which also looks to be of good quality, but if the other oboe is decent I'd rather get it.
Thanks in advance!

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 Re: Ravel Oboe - To buy or not to buy?
Author: Chris P 
Date:   2012-11-30 22:37

The Selmer Signet is the safe bet compared to an unknown make.


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 Re: Ravel Oboe - To buy or not to buy?
Author: WoodwindOz 
Date:   2012-12-01 04:37

Not to buy!

If keywork is what you are after, try a Selmer 101, 102 or 104, or as Chris says, the Signet. You can definitely pick up any of these for $600.


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 Re: Ravel Oboe - To buy or not to buy?
Author: Chris P 
Date:   2012-12-01 04:56

Although the Selmer USA oboes aren't blessed with the greatest looking keywork, they are built well and are reliable. I've got a plastic 104 (Selmer Signet Soloist) as my outdoor instrument which does the job very well and is also full Gillet conservatoire system (which I've modified to bring it up to UK spec).

If you do go for any Selmer USA oboe, I think you're far better off going with the plastic bodied ones over the wooden ones anyday (ie. go for the 104 over the 101) - all the wooden ones I've seen had warped joints which you won't get with plastic and the toneholes on plastic ones don't have imperfections in them that haven't been dealt with.


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 Re: Ravel Oboe - To buy or not to buy?
Author: ptarmiganfeather 
Date:   2012-12-03 06:26

I second the Selmer Signet.

I have played on two Selmer Signet Soloist 120 models that worked pretty well. For relatively less expensive plastic oboes I don't think they can be beat. Besides, at that price if it needs adjustment you still have some money left over for reeds. There are good ones to be had that can survive lots of beginner abuse and still play. Make sure it's one you can try out first.

Best of luck finding an oboe.

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 Re: Ravel Oboe - To buy or not to buy?
Author: GoodWinds 2017
Date:   2012-12-05 22:14

If you do opt to buy from That Site, make sure you can do a trial period. And I "third" the folks who recommend the Selmer.


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