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 Selmer Model 30 Bass Clarinet for sale
Author: Isilaf33 
Date:   2020-02-13 05:53
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This is a beautiful Selmer wooden bass clarinet keyed down to low Eb. Serial number is a D series dating it to mid 80's. I use it professionally and it has been maintained regularly - instrument is free of any cracks in the wood. After asking around on this forum, I've come to the conclusion that this is a model 30 (although not 100% certain) since it does not have the alternate Eb/Ab lever nor articulated C#/G# like the model 32. However a good tech could easily articulate the C#/G#. There is a 52 stamped on the bell but again, I am unaware of there ever being a model 52. Instrument comes with original case.

Located in NJ

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 Re: Selmer Model 30 Bass Clarinet for sale
Author: oldreedguy 
Date:   2020-02-14 17:24

Yes a D series is 80s vintage. I had a 33 with a D8xxx number. If yours were a low c 33 I'd be in touch...but bread is tight and I want a low c. At my age, I may settle for a Kessler plastic and just have fun. Good luck.

your horn is a beauty

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 Re: Selmer Model 30 Bass Clarinet for sale
Author: Isilaf33 
Date:   2020-02-14 19:20

I'm in the same boat, I need a low c horn so I'm selling this and a tenor to offset the new purchase.

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 Re: Selmer Model 30 Bass Clarinet for sale
Author: oldreedguy 
Date:   2020-02-15 00:51

I know you are a pro so here are some suggestions:

There is a place in Minnesota that sells/rents 1193/67's...the rentals are out of stock until May but they have horns for purchase. Tori Okwabi (midwest music importers) is the key person there...doctorate from FSU...great gal...

In a pinch, consider the Kelssler's second gens...I'm heading to Vegas to meet them in March and hopefully order one...if you are a doubler...that's a $2500 option...none in stock until then...

I'm really tempted by your 30, but you need the bread NOW and I ain't got it...

Best wishes in Jersey,
Barney in LA formerly of Peekskill...

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 Re: Selmer Model 30 Bass Clarinet for sale
Author: Isilaf33 
Date:   2020-02-15 06:18

Thanks very much for the help. I've heard good things about the Kesslers and a friend of mine has one and says it's wonderful. I actually came across that MMI website and inquired about their used Tosca but no one replied back to me. I also looked into the Mazzeo bass they have but I did some research on the Mazzeo and it seemed to be unfavorable by most. I'm meeting with someone in 2 weeks who is selling a 67 that's only 2 years old so I'm really hopeful. Enjoy the sunshine on the west coast, it's been nothing but rain out here for about 2 weeks.

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 Re: Selmer Model 30 Bass Clarinet for sale
Author: oldreedguy 
Date:   2020-02-19 07:08

Yes, good old NJ weather. The LA winds is a joy...what a way to make a clarinet comeback. I hope to check out the Kessler next month. Dave K. and I have been exchanging emails from time to A facing vintage selmer MPC I bought 'by mistake" here needs like a 5 strength reed to be of use unless it's been refaced. I have not played it yet...the MOBA O+ Zinner (Backun) Bb mouthpiece I bought from Miles at North Country in balmy Potsdam NY is quite pleasing to me, as is my resurrected S1 Buffet. Though the keys and pads seem sticky...Speaking of Miles, he is heading to Jacksonville FL for a Buffet shopping spree. He's a Buffet dealer and on the lookout for basses (new, of course). North Country Winds is his business.

70, sunny windy is the norn here 100 miles N of LA...I'm resting in my studio room tonight...the roads are a horror show...I saw someone die yesterday near the entrance to the Hollywood FWY off the 5...on the way to a clarinet sectional...I can outplay half the players already but my reading skills are shaky, as are my eyes....every note I play now is a blessing...

Hope you find your do I.


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