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 Re: Why a revelation?
Author: Phurster 
Date:   2006-01-18 01:03

Maybe I should be more thorough when teaching the formation of the embouchure. I have felt for a few years that is aspect of technique is a bit of a side issue. You curl your bottom lip over your teeth, experiment a bit with the placement, and then get on with the business of playing.

I have known of teachers who spend a great deal of time adjusting a new students embouchure. In the past I have not been convinced this time was warranted. A feeling of doubt is starting to approach.

Tony Pay says,
"demystifies the supposed superiority of the double-lip embouchure."

In my neck of the woods (Aus) I don't know anyone who uses a double-lip embourchure. The only people who use it are Oboe players. Some players in the US seem to feel it has superior qualities. The players whose sound I admire are exclusively single lip.

Should I now start teaching a technique that I can't see the advantage of, in order to then change to a method that I feel works as Clarinetgirl is suggesting?
"After the beginner is secure in double lip or has been properly introduced, they can then be taught single lip but while transferring the principles they were taught in double lip."

Some good ideas that I will ponder anyway.

[ Remainder of post deleted - GBK ]


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