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 modes commonly used in Greek or Balkan folk music
Author: acermak 
Date:   2015-07-24 21:07

My instructor and I have finished the 2nd Rubank book of duets and decided to tackle Matejkos "Balkan Duets" in order to build up some abilities on odd meters. The first piece we played was called Kalimera and it was a 7/8 Kalmatianos rhythm. It seemed to be using an unfamiliar mode with an augmented 2nd in it.

Does anyone here know what music in that style would likely use as modes? Or a reference site or book I could take a gander at to try to figure this out. I'm familiar with Ionian, Aeolian, Phrygian...

Anyway, it's neat music and fun to play. It's really nice to do something completely different. Next up is a Kopanika (11/8) piece.

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 Re: modes commonly used in Greek or Balkan folk music
Author: g81gr 
Date:   2016-11-25 16:51

Good day. the kalamatianos rythm is a unique 7/8. every one struggles with it, it is usual. I don't understand the question of yours though... We play that rythm by thinking 1 and 2, 3 (2/8 1/8 2/8 2/8) but in some cases it is mixed... I hope i can help you.acermak wrote:

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 Re: modes commonly used in Greek or Balkan folk music
Author: vintschevski 
Date:   2016-12-08 01:39

That particular piece, "Kalimera", is in the Ousak mode (from what I see, "Kalimera" has a flatted second, not augmented). For this sort of Greek music, forget about the mode names used in jazz, for example (Ionian, Dorian etc); Greek musicians have a lot of "modes" (sometimes called "dromoi" in discussions to avoid using "scale" and "mode") and here's one list:

Armoniko Minore
Diatoniko Minore
Melodiko Minore (Asc/desc)
Poimeniko Minore
Rast (Asc/desc)

With some google searching you'll find useful pages with lots more info on this topic. Here's just one link:

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 Re: modes commonly used in Greek or Balkan folk music
Author: vintschevski 
Date:   2016-12-08 04:06

By the way, since my previous post I have put together a little duet in Ousak just for your interest, should you wish to practise the mode and the 7/8 rhythm more. I've called it "Sto nisi" ("On the island" or "To the island"). It's vaguely similar in style to "Kalimera", and a little longer.

I've uploaded the piece onto the MuseScore score-sharing site; here's the link:

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 Re: modes commonly used in Greek or Balkan folk music
Author: Katrina 
Date:   2016-12-18 20:34

Here's a wiki on the Turkish Classical type of mode. Turkish Classical music is somewhat different from Balkan and Roma music, but there is a definite influence to Balkan & Roma from the Turkish side (due to 500 years of occupation!).

There are more and more sites with intros to makams every day. The most commonly-used one in my personal experience is called hijaz (sometimes spelled "hejaz" or "hicaz"), but there are quite a few others as well. Frequently they use what we'd call quarter-tones as well.

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 Re: modes commonly used in Greek or Balkan folk music
Author: vintschevski 
Date:   2018-03-29 02:55

This is an old thread, but I must correct an error in my first message. Somebody had given me a page of that piece "Kalimera" and I assumed that it was the entire piece. Now I have seen the book that it comes from and discover that there is a second page which takes the piece into a more interesting musical area and which does indeed have the augmented second - I haven't yet investigated the modal implications of that, sorry, but I do apologise for my incorrect comments back then.

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 Re: modes commonly used in Greek or Balkan folk music
Author: RachelGarcia 
Date:   2019-03-22 16:14

Got incited to do an invigorate from CyberDuck y'day, and now every time I sign in to the FTP it's empty? No records, nothing there? No doubt, that unfolded once. That is the reason I never again revive Cyberduck!

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