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 neshko neshev jr
Author: nesh 
Date:   2006-01-02 19:13

Hallo people,it is so nice to see so many fans of our music, i have never expect so many good comments around the world.i want to say big hallo from me and my father,we are just reading your topics.i will say to Ivo everything about you.

Regaards Neshko Neshev Jr. !!!!

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 Re: neshko neshev jr
Author: Mark Charette 2017
Date:   2006-01-02 19:39

Nice to see who stops on by!

Mark Charette, Webmaster

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 Re: neshko neshev jr
Author: Ralph Katz 
Date:   2006-01-06 00:32

I heard your father play in Dearborn, Michigan on November 17, 2005, at the Arab American National Museum. The musicians were tired, at the end of their tour, but the performance was still very wonderful.

Are you a musician?


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 Re: neshko neshev jr
Author: nesh 
Date:   2006-01-07 00:20

yes i play clarinet :),and this is my last year at the royal conservatory Belgium.
and yes i see your comments about our music.thats why i say nice words for all of you.
just something to say.....our music is very difficalt to perform,and two times more difficult to listen,this music can give you a lot of things especialy if you are musicians.very nice to see people interested about that and giving good comments,becouse obviosly somebody is trayng to undarstand it.the bulgarian gypsy music needs a lot of heart to understand,so i thing you people have a good hearts  :)

Greethings; NN. JR

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 Re: neshko neshev jr
Author: Ralph Katz 
Date:   2006-01-08 17:18

I watched Ivo Papasov, and he seems to use every last key on his Full Boehm Selmer. I am very interested in his fingering, especially for the Arabic scales (these are more difficult for your father). Do you play Bulgarian Gypsy music?



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 Re: neshko neshev jr
Author: Katrina 
Date:   2006-01-09 03:28

Dobre vecher, Neshko!

Govoryam malko bulgarski. Kazvam ce Katrina i az cum ot Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

I have been very lucky to hear your father and Ivo two times. Two years ago I was very lucky to have a lesson from Ivo here. I love both of them! They play so well together, and appear to have much enjoyment in the music.

I play Bulgarian and other Balkan music with a band (Orkestar Bez Ime, and no I have not seen the movie yet!). I have some questions for you about the Conservatory. Do you study clarinet there? Do you also play the Bulgarian Gypsy music on clarinet? If so, how do you change between the different sounds? Is it just "in your blood"???  :)


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 Re: neshko neshev jr
Author: nesh 
Date:   2006-01-09 22:18

yes i am studing clarinet with Eddy Vanoosthuyse,very good player and good teacher in Gent conservatory Belgium.its my last year :).yes its very difficalt to change the two way of sound;but its very possible.of you find recording of prof. Petko Radev wich is the prof. of sofia academy of music,you can see how exacly this can be i have realy not so much free time to play gypsy,becouse i put all my energy with the classical music.its a lot of presure here :)
Petko Radev is the only one who could do the two ways..and he is realy a legent in my country.but he plays only Bulgarian folk music,no gypsy ):

Katrina how come you have so good bulgarian? :)

Greethings Neshko

ps.sorry for my english :)

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 Re: neshko neshev jr
Author: Katrina 
Date:   2006-01-10 15:14

Hello again Nesh,

I have good but very simple and limited Bulgarian because I went there in 2001 and because my Bulgarian friends here help me! I have a good textbook too. I have very little time to practice though.

I have the Petko Radev recording. He is AMAZING! And yes, I know he does only Bulgarian music, not gypsy.

I try to play Bulgarian, but really do not have a handle on the gypsy sound or tunes. I want to go back to Bulgaria and study more with Ivo, but I don't have enough money to leave my house right now.

Your English is just fine Nesh...As long as we can understand each other, who cares about grammar???  :)


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 Re: neshko neshev jr
Author: buedsma 
Date:   2006-01-10 17:21

well, why don't you start some courses ?
I know speople in belgium that would be interested !

You could even try to do it via

Best regards

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 Re: neshko neshev jr
Author: nesh 
Date:   2006-01-10 22:21

i dont know.i have never tought about it;and there was nobody interested about it.around me i meen.maby you can give a hand.can make a lot of nice things :).

Greethings, Nesh

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