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 Oboe quiz
Author: TorusTubarius 
Date:   2003-10-01 21:32

Here you go. A short quiz on the oboe, intended for both oboe players and non-oboe players alike. First a quick note:


That defeats the purpose. As you answer, think to yourself, "What would Torus say?"  :)

1) The oboe is:

a) pitched in F
b) pitched in Bb
c) pitched in Eb
d) pitched in C
e) none of the above

2) The founder of the "Philadelphia School of Oboe Playing" is:

a) Marcel Tabuteau
b) Ray Still
c) Antonin Dvorak
d) John de Lancie
e) Kathryn Greenbank

3) Imagine all the important factors which go into playing the oboe as a pyramid. What is located at the top?

a) tone
b) technique
c) pitch
d) phrasing
e) oversized ego

4) True or false. To play the oboe well, you need to use a larger amount of air.

5) True or false. To tune the oboe you pull out when sharp and push in when flat.

6) Which of the following is a common fingering "blip" on the oboe?
a) middle D to F#
b) low C to low B
c) Bb-C
d) Ab-Bb
e) Gb-Fb

7) Which of the following does Torus spend the most time preaching about regarding the oboe on the WFG?
a) reeds
b) air
c) fingerings
d) different types of oboes
e) A440

8) True or false. The bell of the oboe can have a dramatic effect on tone and projection.

9) Which of the following notes tends to be notoriously sharp on the oboe?
a) A, second space
b) high B
c) low E
d) middle E
e) middle F

10) Which of the following is a famous oboe solo?
a) The solo beginning on high C# in the first slow section of Strauss' <i>Don Juan</i>
b) "The Cat" from Prokofiev's <i>Peter and the Wolf</i>
c) The opening section of "The Cuckoo" from Respighi's <i>Gli Uccelli</i>
d) The last four measures of "Celebration" by Kool and the Gang
e) The third solo entrance in Mvt. II of Rimsky-Korsakov's <i>Scheherazade</i>

<u>Bonus Question!!</u>
What inherent property of the double reed allows the oboe to play as expressively and have so much variation in tone color as it does? <i>Hint: Think functional similarity to something you use everyday.</i>

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