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 Clarinet & Alto Sax Mouthpieces
Author: S.W. Franklin 
Date:   1999-07-29 20:06

I have a Buffet Bb clarinet mouthpiece with a tip opening of 1.016mm+or- and a facing of 32mm+or-. I stopped by Boosey & Hawkes in May and spoke to Mark Sorlie in hopes that he could identify the Buffet model number. He was not able to help me. Is there anyone out there who can help me identify this mouthpiece or advise me as to an equivalent mouthpiece. I also have an alto sax mouthpiece, made by M.C.Gregory, Model A, with the notations at the base 16 on one side and 4A on the other side, Rico Products Ltd, Distributors. It has a tip opening of 1.422mm +or-, and a facing of 37mm +or-, with a bore of 16mm +or-. Can anyone advise me as to what model of Vandoren (or other make) it is equivalent to.

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 RE: Clarinet & Alto Sax Mouthpieces
Author: Gary Van Cott 
Date:   1999-07-29 21:26

Buffet clarinet mouthpieces are generally something to occupy space in the case so the clarinet doesn't look too strange. I have never heard of anyone actually using one.

My Buffet alto clarinet came with a Vandoren mouthpiece.

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 RE: Clarinet & Alto Sax Mouthpieces
Author: Daniel 
Date:   1999-07-30 03:45

The old Buffet mouthpieces, with the three rings, that were actually made from goodquality hard rubber, are actually quite good. And with proper refacing and inner dimension adjustment can be very good. They and the Evette Shaeffer mouthpieces were made by the same people who made some of the Kaspar blanks.

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 RE: Clarinet & Alto Sax Mouthpieces
Author: S.W. Franklin 
Date:   1999-07-30 17:15

The Buffet mouthpiece I have does have the three rings and dates from the the late '30s or early '40s. When I showed it to Mark Sorlie he thought it was a relatively new mouthpiece because I have always taken great care of my clarinet and saxophone. I have often wondered what the three rings were for. I always placed my ligature on the top line and did not use the three lines at the bottom of the mouthpiece. Daniel, do you know anyone who can reface and make the inner dimension adjustments you refer to? The thing that puzzles me so much is the facing lenth of approx. 32mm. As far as I can determine, facing lengths on present day clarinet mouthpieces are from around five to ten mm less.

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 RE: Clarinet & Alto Sax Mouthpieces
Author: Daniel 
Date:   1999-07-30 18:00

Pretty much any of the fine mouthpiece makers could do such a job for you. Clark Fobes, Rick Sayre, and Greg Smith i know ream the bores and atleast Clark and Rick i believe do more extensive inner stuff by hand. A friend of mine had Clark make a copy of her Opperman mouthpiece and she said it was very close to the original.

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 RE: Clarinet & Alto Sax Mouthpieces
Author: S.W. Franklin 
Date:   1999-07-31 16:39

I am going to hold off doing anything with the Buffet mouthpiece for now. I just bought two new Vandoren mouthpieces, a B-46 and a 5JB for jazz.

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