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 Re: High Note Trouble
Author: kdk 2017
Date:   2019-06-19 22:07

Kaos wrote:

> Sometimes for high notes it may help to keep the clarinet a
> little closer to your body, move it in more vertical position
> reducing the usual playing angle. The air flows more free
> because it opens the throat and focused.

I agree that a closer angle can help, but I disagree with the reasoning. You need to apply a certain amount of pressure to the reed to produce higher notes (again, BGBG hasn't said how high he runs into trouble). If the clarinet is out and the reed approaches 45 to 90 degrees to the plane of your mouth, most of the pressure you provide is directed perpendicular (or nearly) to the reed and facing. As you bring your clarinet closer to you (more vertical entering your mouth) whatever pressure you and gravity together are providing isn't so perpendicular to the reed. With the angle out more away from you, more of the pressure is applied toward the mouthpiece by your muscles, which are quite strong, and less by gravity. You certainly *can* still bite the reed off against the facing with a closer angle, but with the reed more vertical at least some pressure is provided by the clarinet's weight, and it isn't directed straight into (perpendicular to) the reed. You need less deliberate muscular embouchure pressure so there's less tendency to pinch while enough pressure is still applied to control the reed's vibrations.

All of this goes together with the idea of using a reed of the right stiffness (which a #2 often isn't). The pressure you need to keep the high notes in control and get them to speak reliably and in tune is more than a too soft reed will accept, and it closes. So if the reed is too soft, you can end up choosing between closed up or out of control. The right strength is the one that allows clear tone and articulation in the chalumeau and throat notes and allows you to play reliably and in tune up into the altissimo notes.

You need more air control (though I don't think the *amount* of air is the issue), but if the reed is closed up against the facing, no air is going through no matter what. The reason taking more mouthpiece (or at least more reed) into your mouth can help is that it applies embouchure pressure to a thicker area of the reed where you're less likely to close it, and it gives you a little more vibrating length, which may or may not improve things.


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