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 Re: Fast air and volume
Author: Ed Palanker 
Date:   2019-05-11 17:04

I've always had a problem with the term "fast air" myself. I think the proper term should be "enough air" or "the correct amount of air". Yes, if the air does not move fast enough of course the tone will be weak and inconsistent but using just the right abount of air gives the desired quality. I took seveal lessons with a very famous teacher a long time ago, I was already a young pro but always looked for advise from the experts. At my first lesson he picked up my instrument to illustrate the same thing you're talking about and "blasted" a FFFFF. It truly hurt my ear. Take a huge breath, blast as loud as you can. After a few more lessons I stopped, thanked him for his advice and backed off from what he was trying to get me to do. My tone was getting harsher and brighter, I don't like either. I've always used a lot of air, I played clarinet and bass clarinet, I had to but just enough, not more than I needed.
So what's my point. Yes, you should be able to fill your lung capacity by practicing breathing exercises but it should not "hurt" to take a full breath, just slowly expand your capacity. Then use your adominal muscles to control the amount of air you need. Not your throat by constriction, not your embouchure by pinching, not your tongue by moving it. So it's a little bit more complicated than just "move the air fast". Ask your teacher, or research it, about some good breathing exercises. Slowly filling your abdominal muscles without stress then learning to fill them quicker. Taking in as much air as necessary so you don't have to much excess air to have to expell before taking a new breath for the coming passage. Two of my favorite exercises when I taught was lying down flat with a book on you lower stomach and taking slow deep breaths watching the book go up and down, relaxed. Then sitting up, or standing, and matching the feeling of filling your lower lungs. The second is putting your hands around your waste and taking in slow full breaths feeling lungs expand and go back. .


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