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 Legere Reed Observations
Author: Anonymoose 
Date:   2019-03-22 06:24

I've switched to Legere synthetic reeds, mainly the European cut, due to the inconsistencies of cane, and also not wanting to worry with the weather/humidity/etc. After using them for around 7-8 months, I've observed some interesting but disconcerting things that'll like to share to make sure I'm not paranoid or hallucinating.

For one; I've found that Legere reeds do not all play the same, and they vastly differ from each other. Some are light, some are playable, some are really good, and some just don't sound out at all. I've learnt that it is better to try a bunch of the synthetics of the same strength at a music shop, then purchase the ones that sound and respond well.

Two; reeds of the same cut, and strength (disregarding how they play) can actually come in different lengths? I find that some are a little shorter/longer than others and maybe that affects the strength? I don't know, but visually they're not exactly the same length (vertically).
On youtube theres a Legere video demonstrating how the reeds are made, and you can visually see that the synthetic blocks are not completely parallel to each other when it gets cut. Maybe this is why?

Three; the synthetic material has changed? I find that Legere changed the materials that the synthetics are made out of, and that the newer ones (they still have strength stickers, not the new new ones with printed strengths) have a scalier texture when you run your finger down the back of the reed compared to the older ones which are smooth and not as translucent. The newer ones with the scalier texture, IMO, are flatter in intonation and sound, have a slight delay in response, and are a tad harder. This is true with most of the reeds with the newer scalier material.
I don't think it's due to my old legeres being played in because various different music shops that I went to had both kinds (the new and old ones). I didn't purchase a single one of the scalier/newer legeres.

I'm not trying to put down Legere, I'm just stating my observations and sharing with the community my thoughts I've had for a while and was wondering if anyone else had these experiences?

Thanks and Cheers

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