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 WhitePlainsDave's email to me, James Tobin
Author: Tobin 
Date:   2017-08-13 07:50

Hi all,

Earlier this week WhitePlainsDave gave others permission to publish his emails to them, so I'm taking it as permission for me to publish his email to me.

I specifically stated on the BB that WhitePlainsDave was not welcome to email me offline.

I'm happy to forward anyone this email, which I received today at 11:43pm -- six minutes ago.

James Tobin


First, you'll pardon the email to two places. I've taken the liberty of assuming that the email you have listed with the clarinet board might not be a play on words and rather a typo. I could be entirely wrong.

You posed a question that I tried to answer that the moderator erased.
Since I mentioned the moderator, by all means feel free to copy this letter to him if you'd like, in fact anyone else—not that the moderator wants to read this. Copy fuzzy, even though he doesn't want to hear from me, copy Blumberg, and nellsonic, and Silverstein, the extent of parties mentioned here.
“What's the deal, WPDave you write?”

Here's the deal James.

Poster fuzzy wrote:

“I've found the data provided by the others to be very helpful, and would prefer that they didn't "...stop this type of communication”

So the question becomes, what kind of communication is fuzzy referring to?

He's unquestionably referring to my immediately prior post where the "type of information" I refer to in a thread dealing with artist's compensation by Blumberg, who writes that he is at the highest level of endorsement for 3 of his 4 companies (bragging by the way that doesn't bother me, but does set the reader up for an expectation that Mr. Blumberg is an authority on the subject matter), claims to cite all forms of compensation artists get, only in a second post (which take a look, the moderator erased....can you or I erase??) contradicts his statement about not only there being Ultra artists that are above his initially claimed highest level, but that there is additional compensation he didn't mentioned, such as Ultra artists, who are paid for performances never mentioned in his initial post to so called “set the record straight” about all forms of compensation.

In fact there's much compensation that that. These Ultra performer contracts are confidential. Mr. Blumberg has no idea of their existence or terms, barring maybe one he mentions. He's trying to make himself (in the eyes of his endorsee and readers) and his endorsee look better that they are by downplaying endorsement of why stars play the Silverstein ligature and as a result up play the worth of the product beyond reality.

This thread was itself pursuant to a prior one where people who have not only drank the Silverstein poison of its marginal improvements above regular ligatures but are now doing inter-Silverstein ligature product comparisons. If you are read posts to know that I am not the only one incensed.

I remain that if fuzzy thinks that such contradictory type of information like that Blumberg put forth, that clouds the truth, should continue then he is stupid. Is it his right to feel this way, sure, just like it's his right to claim he finds the state of a traffic light 5,000 away from him useful—just stupid.

And why does fuzzy say this stuff? Me thinks he's got an axe to grind from the last time he attacked me with wrong (not my opinion) information and was made to look stupid simply by the process of my correcting him in an indisputable manner void of ridicule he deserved.

In this prior post, named “Juliana” Bliss, he comes to the defense of another moron claiming that I disrespected an artist by simply posting a link to her performance but not citing her name, despite it being right in the link, once clicked.

Do you have any idea how many people have posted here with links akin to “check this out,” and no information more than that? Has nellsonic commented on them in this way? Has anyone? So why does she do so here? My guess is that for some reason she has a bug up her ass about me too. Did nellsonic really think the performer's name wouldn't be known to anyone who clicked the link? Does she think my failure to name this unknown player reduced the number of hits her Youtube video got. Does she think I have it "out" for someone I chose to highlight?

But rather than my raising this cogent issue, of course because I am the “rabble rouser” (my words that I think fairly paraphrase other's feelings) you (and in fairness to you others) claim me to be, and despite others thinking I did nothing wrong in this Juliana Bliss post, rather than say nothing, or "screw you," I apologize, only for our “genius” fuzzy to claim:

“It appears that nellsonic's only “issue” was that credit for the performance was omitted in the original post, and credit was inferred to a different performer.

Sadly though for fuzzy it neither appeared that way or was/is that way.

Nellsonic wrote prior:

“The title of this post is too clever by half. It falls short of being respectful. The name of the accomplished young lady in the video is Katarina Marjanov”

Clearly nellsonic gets my play on words (“Juliana” Bliss) and that credit wasn't inferred to a different performer, just that the performer's name wasn't mentioned in the post. Sadly, fuzzy doesn't, at least at the time he comes to nellsonic's aid.

Of course for me to respond back to defend that attack against me, by not even the person who launched it, but 3rd party fuzzy, and tell him he got it wrong---I am the demon.

I'll live with the label because people don't like eating crow, especially after their attempt to make others eat it and get caught with their pants down. Its makes enemies even when you have simply stated fact.

And I have no issue putting others in their place after they've wrongly gone after me, nobody should.

With this said, you write:

“Fuzzy finds the information valuable.”

No James. He's too stupid to understand that it's a smoke screen, that in addition to his anger towards me, clouds his judgment. Assuming people want the truth so they can make informed decisions (call me crazy), smoke screens like Blumberg's are not desired, now or in the future.

….just like this following statement of yours is you acting stupid, and your anger towards me clouds your judgment.

To quote:

“I don't find any contradiction in David Blumberg's post, as Fuzzy pointed out.“

But please, rather than let it be my opinion that you acted stupid, let me prove it to you that you did conduct yourself this way. At least you have the option of hearing it privately while you attacked me in the open.

(I wish I could convey to you how much what I just immediately said is comment is void of hatred, just honest.)

The best way I know of how to do that is show you facts.

You write:

“David specifically said he belongs to one type of endorsement and used his own labels to describe the levels that a company may categorize.”

No James. Blumberg writes:

“the 'Star' level whatever that means”

If Blumberg was using his own label he would “know what that label means.” His words apply to a title that's be given to him by endorsees. And this is important because it's the basis of your thesis to the following:

Blumberg then writes, and a second post (which has been erased):

"Performances are a different story"

No they're not, as the “story” that *he* started, to set the so called record straight, was to name all forms of compensation---as of course he's at the self reported highest level of endorsing artists bar none....except for an admission later that there are higher performers than him.

What's that James, you can't find that second post of Blumberg's I refer to? That's because the moderator erased it and Blumberg put the Performer's compensation stuff into his first post, after the fact, to try to look less like a con man or misinformed—pick your poison.

And why James?

Here's why....and if you get nothing, get this. Because while you feel the original 2 posts (2nd now gone) didn't contradict themselves you were wrong enough that

*3 key people disagree with you: me, Blumberg and the moderator.*

This jury rigging of posts was done so Blumberg could seem like less of a shmuck in the so called historical record of the post, which was deliberately both edited and purged.

*I wouldn't have been done if the other 2 of the 3 didn't agree with me that Blumberg dilute himself and his brand by acting in a way the reasonable people would construe is contradiction."

Allow me to suggest to you that posters and bboards that accept sponsorship produce modified versions of the truth. Welcome to the real world.

I, on the other hand want truth, good or bad, to be known about vendors, everything, so rocket scientists like you and fuzzy are less apt to go out and buy yourselves a Silverstein ligature, thinking it will improve your play, let alone anywhere near what you pay for it.

All this said, in the future if you want to contradict or criticize me that's fine. Just get your facts right. Your anger, not mine, appears to have clouded your judgment and made you act stupid, like fuzzy did when he came to the aid of nellsonic with asinine and wrong logic and fact.

Rest assured, going forward, if I ever question or criticize things you say, unlike you, it will be because I disagree with the facts and have read carefully, not because I think you treated me or others unfairly.

Gnothi Seauton

Post Edited (2017-08-13 07:52)

 Re: WhitePlainsDave's email to me, James Tobin
Author: WhitePlainsDave 
Date:   2017-08-13 08:03

James, I don't recall seeing that and am sorry. Note I respected fuzzy's wishes.

I take utterly no issue with the content...I do with the fact that I sent something to you I shouldn't.

Again, for that I am sorry. Know it was not deliberate or defiant.

One note James: the following logic goes directly against bboard policy. You could get bounced for making a private email public simply because you assumed that a right I extended to others applied to you:

"Earlier this week WhitePlainsDave gave others permission to publish his emails to them, so I'm taking it as permission for me to publish his email to me"

Fortunately though, as further evidence that you don't read carefully, the real reason it's okay for you to put this email forward, provided the moderator permits it to stay, is that I expressly gave you permission in the body of my email.

I'll say again...get your facts right.

Post Edited (2017-08-13 08:20)

 Re: WhitePlainsDave's email to me, James Tobin
Author: Tobin 
Date:   2017-08-13 08:10

WhitePlainsDave -- you sent me that email 24 minutes ago.

Why do you feel sincere remorse so quickly? There's none in the email.

How was it not deliberate or defiant, when you wrote all of it and hit "send"...24 minutes ago?


Gnothi Seauton

 Re: WhitePlainsDave's email to me, James Tobin
Author: WhitePlainsDave 
Date:   2017-08-13 08:25

because I would not have sent an email to you if I knew, saw, or remembered seeing your express request not to be emailed. I do see it now. That was not something I knew at the time I sent the email--hence no remorse about sending it at the time it was sent.

And again..the content, not a drop of remorse for that.

And the instant I did I felt bad because I don't wish to expressly violate people's wishes for privacy......

I my opinion that's tough talk from someone who justified violating bboard policy through really bad logic (that which applies to others applies to me...)

my reasons for permitting others to publish may have been specific to my content.

(so if mom says that sister can take $20 off the counter you can too?)

Again....note how another poster was NOT copied, something I detail in the email, who I did recall expressly asked not to be contact by me.

And again, note your saved by my express permission in the email, not your logic.

Post Edited (2017-08-13 08:28)

 Re: WhitePlainsDave's email to me, James Tobin
Author: Tobin 
Date:   2017-08-13 08:26

WhitePlainsDave's conduct, on and off the board, is unacceptable.

It is not right that BB members should have to publicly declare whether they remove consent from one member to contact them.

I said several days ago: I was aghast at the volume of the one email [of WhitePlainsDave's] that I read. Above you have an example of what other BB members are having to clearly communicate they do not want.

I have enjoyed many offboard communications from dozens of members that have been productive inquiries, exchanges of ideas.

Why should anyone have to deal with his nonsense?


Gnothi Seauton

 Re: WhitePlainsDave's email to me, James Tobin
Author: WhitePlainsDave 
Date:   2017-08-13 08:30

bboard members have rights not to provide their contact information.

I made a mistake sending to you. That was my bad.

The content is not a mistake.

It won't happen again. It would make no sense for me to deliberately violate your wishes AND authorize you to copy my email to you to others.

Post Edited (2017-08-13 08:59)

 Re: WhitePlainsDave's email to me, James Tobin
Author: Tobin 
Date:   2017-08-13 08:36

No BB member should have to hide their contact information just to make sure you don't contact them offboard with an email like you sent me.

Gnothi Seauton

Post Edited (2017-08-13 08:37)

 Re: WhitePlainsDave's email to me, James Tobin
Author: WhitePlainsDave 
Date:   2017-08-13 08:41

Agreed. Still more, when I said "copied" it was clear I meant via email, not the bboard.

To wit---how would you copy fuzzy even though he doesn't want to hear from me (my words-I'm talking about an individual, ergo I'm talking about email, ergo how to your copy fuzzy and not everyone else if you publish here?)

Post Edited (2017-08-13 08:48)

 Re: WhitePlainsDave's email to me, James Tobin
Author: DavidBlumberg 
Date:   2017-08-13 08:47

Hmm, I'll try it again then:

Do I know of (many) performers Compensation (??) - oh yes, intimately.

When a performer is playing a Concert sponsored by a Company, they are getting expenses covered - completely or partially.

Do you think a player such as Stan Drucker comes to ICA to perform for free?

When you are featured in an Ad, get interviewed by the Company, and are in their Brochure, or have a Contract that specifies the "level", then yes - what I wrote is accurate.

Those are things that you will never see as a player, as you are way to busy being an insolent brat to develop the relationships that will get you invited to anything but playing at a Birthday Party for tweens

And "the star level" whatever that means, I meant whatever that means to **you**.......

Sponsored by Backun/D'Addario/BG/Silverstein/ Artist Teacher and Soloist

Post Edited (2017-08-13 08:52)

 Re: WhitePlainsDave's email to me, James Tobin
Author: DavidBlumberg 
Date:   2017-08-13 08:50

And remember / I do Management work also

Will I ever attain the level of "fame" that will get a Deluxe Luxury Hotel Suite paid for by ICA to play at a Festival?

Nope, but I can afford my own Suite just fine.

Sponsored by Backun/D'Addario/BG/Silverstein/ Artist Teacher and Soloist

 Re: WhitePlainsDave's email to me, James Tobin
Author: DavidBlumberg 
Date:   2017-08-13 08:56

Lastly, if this board wasn't moderated, I'd rip off your head and crap down your neck.

You probably need the roughage.

But I won't.........

There was not a posting that was deleted by the moderators, nor anyone else.
They don't do that - they will stop a thread, but don't delete material.
So you are confusing yourself........

Be very, VERY careful what you write, as step over the line and libel me, and that foot gets legally squished.

Sponsored by Backun/D'Addario/BG/Silverstein/ Artist Teacher and Soloist

Post Edited (2017-08-14 01:41)

 Re: WhitePlainsDave's email to me, James Tobin
Author: WhitePlainsDave 
Date:   2017-08-13 08:58

David, you posted initially to so called set the record straight on endorsement, purported to be an expert on things not disclosed to you, in your declaration of being the highest type of endorsee, via a label assigned to you by the vendor, not one you made up.

When I said that your initial statement obfuscated truth you then qualified your ranking as less than highest and added other forms of compensation (performance.) That was after a post of your, from context, the moderator must have erased.

(The issue of how good a player you are is immaterial to me from a bragging standpoint, (your better than me) your accuracy of statement, highly material. You opened the door for judgment after claiming yourself in the know.)

The 2nd post was erased, something you can't do, and the performance stuff was added to the initial post after the fact.

If you felt the first and now second erased post comported, why the post manipulation I describe?


 Re: WhitePlainsDave's email to me, James Tobin
Author: WhitePlainsDave 
Date:   2017-08-13 09:04

What do your physical threats, which I truly hope the moderator doesn't erase, have to do with the presence of absence of a moderator who moderates bits and bytes, not punches?

Hint David, now's the time to say you meant your words in metaphor only. Backtrack, it's your speciality. You do realize that you just commited a crime (harassment) right in the absence of said clarification, right?

That's the Blumberg I know. Quick, I'll copy these screens. Whose it better I send it to, the Police or your endorsers? You do know the boards electronic records can be subpoenaed, erasures and all.

Fortunately for you I have sympathy for you.

Post Edited (2017-08-13 09:08)

 Re: WhitePlainsDave's email to me, James Tobin
Author: DavidBlumberg 
Date:   2017-08-13 09:16

**** you - send that along also

Sponsored by Backun/D'Addario/BG/Silverstein/ Artist Teacher and Soloist

 Re: WhitePlainsDave's email to me, James Tobin
Author: zhangray4 
Date:   2017-08-13 09:16

Guys what is the point of this incessant arguing on this BBoard? Especially about what others said in the past? Unlike the majority of the posts here, I'll keep it straightforward.

The past is the past. You can't unring the bell. If someone said something inappropriate, what are you going to achieve by posting an angry comment at him/her? To get an apology? Will an apology erase what he/she said? No it doesn't. The bell still rung, whether you liked it or not. You cannot make it so that it never rang. Therefore, there is no point of arguing about what people said previously.

It seems like y'all are putting some anger in every comment. Occasional anger is reasonable. But when it goes to the point where it seems like you guys are putting a whole bunch of spices/pepper on every dish, it becomes a problem. I am sure I am not the only one who CANNOT stand this onslaught of bitter posts.

I will repeat, I am only a High School senior. I expected some more maturity to be on display from you experienced players. If anything, I am the one who should be acting immature. Some of you guys are acting as if you were in junior high!

-- Ray Zhang

 Re: WhitePlainsDave's email to me, James Tobin
Author: GBK 
Date:   2017-08-13 09:16

[ Alright kids, we've had about enough. Take if off line. - GBK ]

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