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 Adjusting Forestones......YEA!!!!
Author: William 
Date:   2010-07-14 19:21

I would like to report remarkable success in adjusting some of my Forestone reeds. For a couple of reeds that had become too soft, I clipped them back to life--tiny amounts at a time. For one that I clipped too much and made unplayable, I found that a little scraping with my reed knife in the middle just behind the tip did the trick bringing the strength back to my playing needs. All of the reeds that I just finished working on, F3.5, F4, F4.5, & F5 are now playing in top form and that is quite a statement considering that when adjusting cane reeds, I am a total klutz. I must also add that my Reed Wizard did not work with these Forestones as the profile of the synthetic material is a little thinner than cane. Just my old faithful Cordier clipper from my college days and a reed knife is what worked for me. Really, if I can successfully adjust a reed, ANYBODY CAN. I am very happy to report that these new Forestones are not only easy to play, they are easy to adjust if too soft or too hard. Additionally, with my Chicago Kaspar mpc, no balancing is necessary.

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 Re: Adjusting Forestones......YEA!!!!
Author: John J. Moses 
Date:   2010-07-16 14:07

Interesting William!

My joy in playing and encouraging Legere synthetic reeds is their ease in use, that require no additional adjusting.

Cane reeds, for my many years, have required adjusting with various tools, knives, sand paper, reed clippers, etc. Legere reeds don't need any of these adjustments...they just play great right out of the case! And if you don't like the one you've purchased, just send it back for another one or a refund, simple.

I believe this new synthetic reed is the reed of the future!
Some obvious reasons...

1) It plays great and in tune right out of the package.
2) Requires no work to "make it better".
3) Is returnable if not satisfied.
4) Lasts much longer than a good cane reed.
5) Is not affected by heat, cold, humidity, smoke, or adverse conditions.

If you're intent on working on your reeds, perhaps stick with your best cane reeds or even a Forestone, they do sound good with considerable effort. I do not recommend working on Legere reeds, they don't need or require it.

Legere reeds stand alone as the finest synthetic reeds that are now available, IMHO.

Légère Artist
Clark W. Fobes Artist

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 Re: Adjusting Forestones......YEA!!!!
Author: William 
Date:   2010-07-16 16:01

I agree that you should not try to clip or sand Legere reeds as they tend to shred or crack--I know, because of personal experiance :>) And Legere does offer to replace any reed that you are not satisfied with. However (also from repeated personal experiance) it takes almost a month to receive the replacement--and then, it may not be much better than the one you mailed in.

Forestone reeds play great "right out of the box" without needing adjustment. They are perfectly balanced, articulate cleanly and produce a full sound in all registers--all the time. However, the good news is, that--unlike Legere--if the reed is a bit too soft, it can be easily (please note, EASILY) adjusted by conventional clipping and sanding or scraping with a knife as I reported above. No need to send it back and wait weeks for a replacement.

For all of the reasons that JJM so eloquently indicated above, I also believe that synthetic is the future of clarinet and saxophone reeds. However for me, that reed is not Legere--I've tried them all and do not like them--but rather, the new Forestone. In addition to their excellant clarinet reeds, they are also marketing superb saxophone reeds and are in the process of developing a reed for the bass clarinet. Also, FWIW, I am playing a Forestone Bb reed, clipped short to fit, on my Eb clarinet mpc. (Forestone has an Eb reed in its future plans)

One thing is for sure, since I have discovered Forestone reeds, I will never go back to cane reeds. They play great "out of the box" and can be--an adittional "plus"--easily adjusted (even by me :>)

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 Re: Adjusting Forestones......YEA!!!!
Author: CWH 
Date:   2010-07-16 20:51

Having played and tested the: Forestone, Legere and a few other synthetic reeds. I personally prefer Legere for all the reason stated by John. In my humble opinion; hands down Legere Signature Select (LSS) is the best on synthetic reed the market.

It is time to focus on the artistry of playing and dispense with the nuisances of finding, shaping and adjusting reeds.

Study, Practice, Play and Enjoy.

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 Re: Adjusting Forestones......YEA!!!!
Author: Tony F 
Date:   2010-07-17 08:44

I'm with John Moses concerning Legere reeds, they are as good as it gets. That being said, I've had a couple soften after some use, and as I've mentioned elsewhere on this forum, they do respond well to adjustment. Careful and judicious clipping, scraping and sanding hardened both up about half a point with no loss of tone quality, and with no great difficulty.

Tony F.

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