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 My New Paperclip stand
Author: Mark Fleming 
Date:   2010-07-14 01:19

I don't know how to post pictures here, so I posted them on SOTW. You can follow this link and click on the pictures for a close-up.


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 Re: My New Paperclip stand
Author: Ralph Katz 
Date:   2010-07-14 01:50

SaxOnTheWeb requires a login to view your photos.

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 Re: My New Paperclip stand
Author: pewd 
Date:   2010-07-14 02:21

Click the 'add attachments' button at the bottom of your post to upload the photo.

- Paul
private teacher - Dallas, Texas

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 Re: My New Paperclip stand
Author: Mark Fleming 
Date:   2010-07-14 17:58
Attachment:  101_2745.jpg (1493k)
Attachment:  101_2749.jpg (668k)
Attachment:  101_2747.jpg (1005k)
Attachment:  101_2748.jpg (510k)

Got it. Here's my SOTW post.

I got out my paperclip the other day and thought what a pain it was that I didn't have a stand so that I could leave it out more (and play it more). So I made a stand. I had a music stand that I really liked and was really sturdy. When I took the stand apart, it looked like it would be really easy to modify it to hold the paperclip. Sure enough, it worked great. I bought a new music stand (the same one for $25, free shipping, and got it in 5 days).

Here's the pictures that explain it all. I wanted to make a stand that would allow me to leave the peg extended and this one does. It also balances with the peg retracted, but with the peg out it is even more stable. The slot holds the lower tube brace, a very sturdy spot on the paperclip. It is remarkablly stable and holds the horn at least as secure as most of my sax stands. It probably couldn't hold up to a stumbling drunken polka dancer spinning off the dance floor, but what can?

All that is necessary is to cut though the plastic fitting to the bolt hole that attaches the music shelf (a 5 minute project). The shelf can actually be put back on and it funtions fine as a stand again (probably shouldn't lift it by the shelf).

Now it's always ready to go when the mood hits me.


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 Re: My New Paperclip stand
Author: Ralph Katz 
Date:   2010-07-14 21:50

very clever.

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 Re: My New Paperclip stand
Author: EEBaum 
Date:   2010-07-15 15:34

Nice! Especially awesome that it looks like you can both play on it AND let it sit on its own. Does it put much pressure on any of the keys when you let it sit?


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 Re: My New Paperclip stand
Author: Mark Fleming 
Date:   2010-07-16 19:19

The stand doesn't touch any of the keys. Since I usually pick it up out of the case using the same brace that it rests on on the stand, I now have to pick it up with my fingers on the keys, which I don't like, but just knowing that I have to be careful is probably enough to ensure that I don't have any problems with it getting out of adjustment (or any more problems than usual).

The ball on the end of the peg is also a recent addition. I had to put an old magazine on the floor or else the peg would dent a hardwood floor even through a rug. Then one day a "superball" dog toy showed up in the front lawn (maybe a sign?). I drilled into it and stuck the peg in. Works perfect.


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 Re: My New Paperclip stand
Author: CWH 
Date:   2010-07-16 21:04

Very clever in deed.....nice job.

Study, Practice, Play and Enjoy.

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