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 Tone Concept Survey
Author: Tyler 
Date:   2006-08-25 18:57

Hello, everyone. I am a freshman clarinet performance major at a University, and I have had lots of free time recently, since classes haven't really gotten 'rolling' yet. So I decided I needed a project to do. This project is about the beliefs of members of this BBoard concerning clarinet tone production. It is basically just a small survey, though it may require some careful thought. I haven't made any decisions about how I am going to organize, analyze, or compile the final results, yet, but that will give me something to work on when I'm bored. For now, I will just start collecting data. I don't know when I will stop recording results from this thread, but I'm sure it won't be for a while. I will post to let everyone know if/when I have decided to stop collecting data. I am no brilliant scientist, so this will be very informal, but I'm sure there is someone who will benefit from the potential outcome of this project. Anyway, here's the survey:

Choose 5 words you feel describe your ideal tonal concept for the clarinet.

For each quality you have written above, list only one or two things that you believe are the physical causes of that particular quality in what you consider to be a ‘good’ clarinet tone. In other words, how do you believe each quality is physically produced through the clarinet? (Mentioning reeds is okay, but focus on playing, not on equipment. And no essays, please; try to be very concise).

Also, please choose from the following (more than one may apply):
I do not play clarinet at all (just type #1)
Clarinet is not my main instrument (just type #2)...etc...
I am a 1st to 5th year student clarinetist (#3)
I am a 5th to 10th year student clarinetist (#4)
I am an 11th year or more student clarinetist (#5)
I am an amateur clarinet enthusiast with no regular private lessons (#6)
I have returned to playing clarinet after some years of not playing (#7)
I am a freelance professional clarinetist (#8)
I am a professional clarinetist with regular orchestra, band, chamber,etc. job
I am a professional clarinetist with frequent solo performances (#10)
I am a retired professional clarinetist (#11)
Other/Additional: (please specify) (#12 and explain...)

Finally, choose from the following (again more than one may apply):
I have never taught a clarinet student (type the letter A)
I teach of have taught a few clarinet students (type the letter B)
I teach or have taught a larger clarinet studio regularly (type the letter C)
I teach or have taught clarinet at a college or university (type the letter D)
Other/Additional: (please specify) (type the letter E and explain...)

I will post my own responses to the survey as an example of the format I'm looking for with all these letters and numbers, which I have included so you don't have to type so much and I don't have to read so much. Please do not be influenced by the CONTENT of my personal responses to the questions. I thank in advance anyone who contributes to this survey. Good luck to all students beginning a new school year!


 Re: Tone Concept Survey
Author: Tyler 
Date:   2006-08-25 19:01

Here are my own responses:

1. deep
2. full
3. round
4. sweet
5. clear

Physical Causes
1. support air from bottom of lungs, relax throat
2. blow all the way through horn, take correct amount of mouthpiece in mouth
3. focus air with tongue, poised embouchure position
4. allowing flexibility of lips and voicing, especially across registers
5. balanced reed, using lips as firm cushion against reed

Playing: #4

Teaching: B


 Re: Tone Concept Survey
Author: GBK 
Date:   2006-08-25 19:47

[ If interested, please respond to the survey off-line at Tyler's email address:

dbz_gt_crazy@hotmail.com - GBK ]

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