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 Where to get Overhaul?
Author: kev182 
Date:   2006-08-19 16:59

Hey guys, my clarinet badly needs overhaul as i have tape in almost all joints, serious leakage and key alignment problems. My teacher has been ignoring this because its extremely difficult using a school intrument (unbelievably bad) when the clarinet is away.

Do any of you know of a place that can do a total overhaul for a reasonable price. Backun is out of the question! prefferably near michigan. Naylor looked reallly good, but do any of you know his prices?

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 Re: Where to get Overhaul?
Author: crnichols 
Date:   2006-08-19 17:49

The board sponsors are great, all of them get fantastic reviews from the various posters on the board. Click on Services in the column on the right side. I think John Butler has a detailed price list, and his prices are very very reasonable. Also, David Spiegelthal gets very high recommendations from posters, but he doesn't advertise. I've heard his prices are very reasonable. I've also heard that those too people are very fast, even working through the mail. Since you sound like you're going to have to ship it somewhere, I wouldn't limit yourself to the Michigan area. The last significant work I had done was by Jochen Seggelke in Bamberg, Germany, and it is consummate artistry. That would probably take too long for you though, and the exchange rate is not in your favor. If you can get leather pads installed on the lower joint and cork on the upper joint, I would highly recommend it though. It's the best compromise I've found in terms of noise and durability. The only trouble with cork is that it's of such variable quality. You want to get cork that is virtually poreless if possible. Guy Chadash in NYC has an amazingly high quality cork that he uses for pads. I don't know here he gets it, but it's so perfect it doesn't even look like cork.
Good Luck!

Christopher Nichols, D.M.A.
Assistant Professor of Clarinet
University of Delaware

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 Re: Where to get Overhaul?
Author: Fontalvo 
Date:   2006-08-19 18:08

Tim Clark. He is somewhere in OHIO. He worked on my clarinet a few years ago and I would recommend him to anyone. He did an amazing job.


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 Re: Where to get Overhaul?
Author: CEC 
Date:   2006-08-19 18:38

Hi Kevin (& everyone else - this is my first post),

I sent my R-13 out to Larry for a full immersion rebuild and am expecting it back this coming Wednesday.

The rebuild with immersion came to $482. If you don't require the immersion process, I'd imagine an overhaul would cost significantly less, but I can't say exactly how much less. What I *can* say for sure is that Larry is a terrific fellow and my experience to this point has been exemplary.

Based on the many, many reports of others I've come across during my own research, you certainly would not go wrong by choosing the Brannens, John Butler, Dave Spiegelthal, et al. (the Brannens are very nearby to you, though, if proximity is a factor).

I chose Larry primarily for the immersion process he uses (my R-13 had gone unplayed for many years). My second choice was the Brannens, and I'll probably give them a go when the next time comes around for work to be done.

Best of Luck!


Post Edited (2006-08-19 18:40)

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 Re: Where to get Overhaul?
Author: pewd 
Date:   2006-08-19 18:44

Prowinds in Bloomington , Indiana does good work.
call them for pricing and scheduling.

same for the other suggestions posted - call them and discuss what is needed, pricing, scheduling (the best shops have a waiting list), etc.

- Paul Dods
Dallas, Texas

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 Re: Where to get Overhaul?
Author: clarinetmc 
Date:   2006-08-19 21:52

I am originally from Michigan, and I sent my clarinet to Timothy D. Clark. He did an amazing job, couldn't have asked for a better overhaul. It did cost me about $650 though, but was completely worth it. He is located in a suburb of Columbus, Ohio. Highly recommend him!

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 Re: Where to get Overhaul?
Author: kev182 
Date:   2006-08-20 05:19

[QUOTE]I chose Larry primarily for the immersion process he uses (my R-13 had gone unplayed for many years). My second choice was the Brannens, and I'll probably give them a go when the next time comes around for work to be done.[/QUOTE]

i was also interested in the immersion process.. did you get the partial rebuild, full rebiuld or reconstruction?

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 Re: Where to get Overhaul?
Author: clarnibass 
Date:   2006-08-20 06:02

I really suggest, if at all possible, to physically go to the repairer instead of sending it. After I bought my clarinet I went to a repairer, and although he isn't the best, he is not terrible. I felt the C#/G# key was a little uncomfortable, so he suggested to move it closer. He moved it a few times until it was comfortable (i.e. he moved, I checked, he moved, I checked, etc). This is just one example of something that is impossible to do if you ship your clarinet. If you have a good repairer even a few hours away from you it is a much better option than shipping it imho. If I don't have the car it takes me at least 2 hours to get to the repairman, and I consider this very little.

Good luck.

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 Re: Where to get Overhaul?
Author: CEC 
Date:   2006-08-20 06:49

I had the full rebuild done. He also custom made and fitted an oversized hinge screw on one key where the original screw was loose in both the key and the post. This added another $60 to the $482 total, so $542 all told.

Since he was tearing the entire works apart for the rebuild, I also had him do a full replate in silver (couldn't resist - he does his own plating work in-house) which added yet another $200 (pretty darned reasonable, in my opinion).

The immersion process (which takes 4 weeks in itself), replate and rebuild took about 5 weeks total.

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 Re: Where to get Overhaul?
Author: kev182 
Date:   2006-08-20 16:11

$742 for replate of silver, full rebuild and immerision... wow.. you must love your clarinet! =D

It would be funny if you get it back and it never leaves ur case. 482 is'nt bad for a full rebuild... and clarinibass, unfortunately there is really no one even close to interlochen that can overhaul my clarinet =(

Teacher reccomended Tim Clark as well... I guess I'll compare prices and decide :)

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 Re: Where to get Overhaul?
Author: CEC 
Date:   2006-08-20 16:47

Trust me, it won't be left in the case once it returns : ) I'll be hitting Baermann, Rose, et al. hard in the coming months to get my chops back!

The investment made seems quite reasonable to me considering what I'd end up spending if I sold my R-13 and purchased a new one. The horn also has great sentimental value; my first private teacher with whom I later studied for part of my college career picked it out for me, and it's a real honey!

I checked out Tim Clark's site. Seems a very impressive fellow (and you gotta love the moustache)! Gave me a bit of a flashback to the days when Howard Klug still had his Captain Kangaroo 'stache!

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 Re: Where to get Overhaul?
Author: jbutler 2017
Date:   2006-08-21 21:44

Send it to Eric Satterlee at Meridian Winds if you want to keep in Michigan:

Meridian Winds
5921 Buttonwood Drive
Haslett, MI 48840

{$60 to fit an oversize pivot screw?????? I've got to go up on my prices!!}


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 Re: Where to get Overhaul?
Author: am0032 
Date:   2006-08-22 12:10

Check out your local repair shop. Find out what you are getting by talking to the repair person. A lot of places interchange the terms "overhaul" and "repad". A repad to me includes all new pads, corks(tenons too), eliminates key play and lost motion at most repair shops. Some places define an overhaul as a repad plus relaquering/replating keys. If you are paying for a repad, make sure every cork and pad are replaced. Some guys work on the cheap and just do the "necessary" pads and corks. They should do all of them. You pay for it so why not get it the whole deal. Play the instrument before you leave the shop. That way if they miss something it can be corrected right then. Most local repair shops will do the job for a third of the price of the big name guys.


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 Re: Where to get Overhaul?
Author: awm34 
Date:   2006-08-22 14:14

Dr. Dave's Band-Aide in Toledo does fine work (419-693-3900). He fixed up my A clarinet that had just been overhauled by a lauded Chicago guy and then overhauled my King Marigaux alto -- also with good results. My Toledo Symphony teacher was impressed.

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 Re: Where to get Overhaul?
Author: seafaris 
Date:   2006-08-22 14:49

You can't beat John Butler (above) he is a sponsor (a very modest one!). He rebuilt a Dyanamic H for me and I am sending him 2 Leblanc LL's for servicing and tweaking. He is very accessable and follows through very well. I have had 4 rebuilds on various clarinets and this is the first time one didn't need any extra adjustment.


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