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 Re: "High Society" Solo
Author: ken 
Date:   2005-09-17 13:57

GBK's gracious and encouraging remarks are the kind that keeps vain, self-centered musicians such as me in business! My initial posting was not my final narrative, but it appears the POST button had its own idea (hence no attachments ... no bucks no Buck Rogers!) Here are the two teaser charts (in .PDF format) and remaining comments.

I read a recent thread buzz on shortcuts for mastering improvisation. In my experience, there are never any shortcuts, but proven combinations of theory and practical application, that when adding unbridled passion with work ethic can shorten the learning curve. One such method is developing and infusing, "critical listening skills WITH ideal sound concept AND playing it out." Boiled down, you have to at least once take your horn into the shop because you rolled over on top of it while in bed.

The parts are prepared in two ways: 1) Solo only 2) Full part with Solo. For continuity, I opted in a few songs to supplement parts with key melodic soli sections (i.e., shout chorus clar/trpt duet.) Actual pitches should be spot-on however, notation; rhythms and groupings are limited to my skill and knowledge of Finale ... I'm not a professional engraver. Articulations and expressions are as the crow files and best supporting the changes and line flow. For the beginner, please use common sense, it's sloppy jazz not a Bach Chorale; 16th note runs at 1/4=152 are slurred and unless marked, swing until your face falls off.

After all parts are completed (and any remote interest is generated) I'll consider going back to select solos and provide a measure-by-measure structural analysis and defense. Enjoy!

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