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  10 hole ocarina -- need zelda fingerings new edwardcullen  2009-05-13 08:38 
  Oboe tremolo fingering new sunsetnijiiro7  2009-04-29 10:42 
  8-hole ocarina fingering chart? new tch  2009-04-29 06:55 
  11 hole ocarina new tone  2009-03-21 19:32 
  can anyone help with an ocarina problem? new PrincessKairi  2009-02-24 20:21 
  fingering and Key terminology new Library Geek  2009-02-18 19:03 
  Tabs needed Please help new Liquidhalo231  2009-01-14 23:50 
  arabic flute new Amala  2008-11-10 05:15 
  Quarter tone fingerings in Boehm-System Clarinet Bb PLEASE new Marculerio  2008-11-10 05:08 
  need help with printing! new gourlema  2008-09-14 05:18 
  Hard mid B playing new Rusty  2008-08-20 16:08 
  6-Hole Japanese Flute - Fue new littlefreeze  2008-07-03 16:51 
  Tenor recorder new Meri Williams  2008-06-19 01:09 
  8 fingering ocarina new hoingaz  2008-06-17 01:19 
  Clarinet multiphonics chart transposing? new Miika  2008-03-24 16:24 
  Basic (high) oboe fingerings needed new Jaysne  2008-03-12 06:52 
  8 hole ocarina; not peruvian new Shade00112  2008-02-20 03:58 
  8 holed ocarina.... I need music!!! new C.D.C  11  2008-02-20 03:52 
  HELP - Clarinet fingering new AS  2008-02-19 01:40 
  I need a fingering chart for a ten-hole Ocarina new Viewtiful_Josh  2008-02-02 22:51 
  recorder fingering new liverlipsyyz  2008-01-21 12:23 
  The Clarinet Fingering Chart widget new hpadi  2008-01-06 10:28 
  Antique Flute Fingerings new leeplaw  2008-01-02 18:23 
  Alto saxaphone high notes new Anthony Salas  2008-01-01 05:06 
  recorder/clarinet fingering new Annes  2007-12-11 06:17 
  oboe fingers please?? new sobblaster  2007-11-23 17:42 
  Ring Key Oboe Fingerings new almancer  2007-11-23 17:31 
  Thumbplate fingering for oboe new Alla  2007-11-23 17:27 
  More a notation than fingering question new klarenet  2007-11-11 20:01 
  Tenor recorder vibrato... new Brigs  2007-11-07 04:17 
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