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Ramsier,Paul (1937-)
Sex  Male

Road to Hamelin
Duration  ca. 18:00
Comments  Narrative based on a scenario by Ruth Ramsay; German translation by Ursula Smith. Adapted from Robert Browning's famed children's story.
Publisher  Boosey &x0026; Hawkes
Inst.  [2] Clarinet in A, Piano
Inst.  [3] Clarinet in A, Piano, Narrator
Inst.  [3] Piano, Narrator, Viola
Inst.  [3] Piano, Narrator, Double Bass
Inst.  [2] Piano, Viola
Inst.  [2] Piano, Double Bass
Comments  Piano reduction. German and English words.
Publisher  Boosey &x0026; Hawkes
Inst.  [>13] Clarinet in A, Narrator, Orchestra
Inst.  [>13] Clarinet in A, Orchestra
Inst.  [>13] Narrator, Viola, Orchestra
Inst.  [>13] Narrator, Double Bass, Orchestra
Inst.  [>13] Viola, Orchestra
Inst.  [>13] Double Bass, Orchestra
Comments  German and English words.

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