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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000425.txt from 2010/11

From: Fred <>
Subj: Re: [kl] Sabine Meyer
Date: Fri, 26 Nov 2010 09:33:17 -0500

I fail to see how her moves are "musical" or "convincing". What is a
"musical" move? And does she need to "convince" me that the music is
great? No- she is DISTRACTING me from the music by her ridiculous
gyrations. She could play as well tied to a chair. And then the
opus itself would be musical and convincing in its own right. The
music doesn't need to be sold by gimmicky theatrics. I want to enjoy
the music- not a snake dancer.

Toscanini used to be very animated when he rehearsed his orchestras,
to get his points across to them. But at show time, his conducting
was very minimal so that the audience would not be distracted. And it worked.

And just what is sexist about voicing opinions in this thread- I have
already posted my dislike of a MALE clarinetist who felt that modern
dance was a necessary embellishment to his performance. I don't see
the point in validating your opinion by playing the sexist card.

Perhaps it is because of the extremely high level the performance bar
is set at in today's world, those at the top feel that they must
convince the observer of how good they are by SHOWING us the efforts
they are making by putting the emotions that they put into the music
on the outside for us to see. I find it distracting, unnecessary,
and in some cases (Ms. Meyer's) even bizarre.


At 04:48 AM 11/26/2010, you wrote:
>Thank you Arthur,
>Sabine Meyer moves , and her movements are musical and convincing.
>She is also a very lucky women , not only because of her talent and
>success- but also because
>she gets wonderful support from her husband Reiner Wehle and her
>brother Wolfgang Meyer. Thank to both of them
>she can survive the unbelivable sexism around her.
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> > On 25 Nov 2010, at 10:30, Taylor, Noel wrote:
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> > Music has rhythm, the body feels it - the body wants to move. Dance
> > is deep in us - and after all, a lot of classical music, including
> > Mozart, is based on the dances of the period. What the heck is the
> > problem about moving? It's natural.
> >
> > Question. How natural, as opposed to learned, is the type of movement
> > in the Sabine Meyer video?
> > I ask this as I have worked with blind musicians and observed blind
> > musicians such as Roland Kirk, Ray Charles, etc. and their movements
> > are of a totally different kind. Could this be because their
> > movements are 'natural' as opposed to affectations?
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