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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000393.txt from 2010/11

From: Rachel Roessel <>
Subj: Re: [kl] Playing with earplugs
Date: Wed, 24 Nov 2010 21:41:36 -0500

> > I play with musician earplugs, the kind you get from an audiologist,
> > not the local drug store. For the clarinet, you need to have them
> > drilled with a small hole. The earplug manufacturer should know what
> > to do.

Are musician earplugs available over the counter somewhere, or do you need to
see an audiologist? I don't have problems in orchestra (yet), but I do have
problems with loud bands (ie praise bands in churches). I'm trying to find a way
to tolerate them so I can go to church and see bands in coffee houses and such
(I find that constant, loud noise raises my heart rate, and a sustained high
heart rate is a seizure symptom/trigger (don't know which one) for me).

Thanks :)


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