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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000040.txt from 2010/11

From: Tom Bassett <>
Subj: Re: [kl] What's Wrong with "Contemporary Classical"?
Date: Wed, 03 Nov 2010 14:11:05 -0400

AHHHH!!!!!!!!!! everyone I know that is close to my age HATES baroque music. I get looked down at becuase it is what I spend most of my time listening to since I was 16. (now 20... I know I might be the youngest one on here) I can understand where someone would come from when they make almost sarcastic remarks such as "since you are so superior" becuase in my personal experience, that is ALL I have experienced. I'm not musically mature, I just dont understand the true genious of some contemporary styles, the accusations go on.... When in most cases, I made no attack against contemporary style, people have found out I like baroque or heard one of my compositions and just went off right away about how I'm wrong and they are right. I think baroque music is extremely emotional and dramatic in its own way. I think that most people confuse being narrow minded with having an informed opinion.

I think baroque pieces are easy in the sense that they are manageable in a relatively short amount of time. I have always felt that everyone has the important part in a baroque ensemble. That is why I like it so much. I also play oboe and bassoon and no matter what I have, if its the melody, basso continuo, or an inner voice I KNOW that its contributing. While that still may very well be true in newer pieces I just don't feel that it is. It allows me to then give a better performance which will be better to listen to.

I guess the above all reason is that when I see many of the pieces I think... that's just what I would have done (or tried to do) if I was good enough right now. I can relate to it quickly and easily.


> Date: Wed, 3 Nov 2010 17:15:33 +0000
> From:
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> Subject: Re: [kl] What's Wrong with "Contemporary Classical"?
> On 03/11/10 16:34, Peter Gentry wrote:
> > I have heard young professionals being very scathing of baroque composers -
> > "the music is boring and too easy". Much is easy on the ear and to read but
> > is difficulty the only measure of worth in music?
> A friend (30-ish) said much the same thing recently, and I used to feel
> the same at his age. It's only now that I seem to have the maturity to
> listen with "baroque ears" (not truly possible, I know), and grasp the
> emotional content that's subtly hidden within the formal styles of such
> music. I'm sure many people mature much faster than he and I!
> And who said baroque music was all easy to play?!
> (As an aside, I think I was scarred by playing Handel's Water Music and
> Fireworks Music at school, playing for a long time with an immature
> embouchure getting and getting very tired).
> John Dablin
> Aylesbury UK
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