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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000135.txt from 2010/05

From: Bear Woodson <>
Subj: [kl] Arizona's "Anti-Genius Policy" [Klarinet]
Date: Fri, 14 May 2010 06:36:46 -0400

I must ask that people consider sending this message to the provided
E-Mail Addresses, and to any other friends, reporters and politicians
outside of Arizona, that you may know.

"Governor Jan Brewer" <>
"Senator Paula A. Aboud" <>
"Dr. Robert Shelton" <>
"Friends of Hillary Clinton" <>
"Senator John McCain" <>
"Secretary Janet Napolitano" <>
"ABC Nightline News" <>
"CBS Evening News" <>
"Fox News" <>
"NBC Nightly News" <>

In 1936, B=E9la Bart=F3k was the first and only composer since the death=
J.S. Bach in 1750, to Invent an Entirely NEW Kind of Melody-Based Fugue
[pronounced as fyewgg]. That set the standard as an Objective Definition of
genius. No One worldwide could invent another one for decades.

In 1988, the "U of A" ("University of Arizona in Tucson) hired Daniel
Asia to be their Head Composer and Head of "Music Theory" ("the Science of
Harmony, Counterpoint and all the other Technical Qualities of Music").
However Daniel Asia NEVER studied Counterpoint, so he is Ineligible to Teach
Music Theory in any Leading Music School worldwide, much less be a
Department Head! (That is like hiring someone who never studied Anatomy, be
the Head Doctor to teach Surgery.)

If it became public knowledge, that the U of A champions
Under-Credentialed Professors, the Scandal would cost the State of Arizona
MILLIONS of Dollars for their 3 universities and tourism!

"Bear" Thomas C. Woodson (born in 1954 near Washington D.C.) is a
Composer of Modern Classical Music. He has studied with several leading
composers across the US and Europe, and Specializes in 20th Century
Chromatic Modal Harmony and Counterpoint since 1971. In 1996 he had just
completed a Master's Degree as a Composer and Music Theorist, and then moved
to Tucson to begin Doctoral Studies at the U of A. Bear Woodson immediately
began composing several large works and Inventing a Whole Series of New
Kinds of Fugues, which unknown to him, triggered U of A's Black-List to
smear his reputation and career!

Bear Woodson was also born with a rare genetic trait to have a
Permanently Erratic Liver. It caused extreme medical problems for his first
40 years, but in August 1997, at age 43, just before beginning his Second
Doctoral Year, he was diagnosed with Adult Onset Diabetes (Type 2 Diabetes).
Soon he started having incurable "Diabetic Black-Outs", "near-fatal
Unconscious Episodes from Diabetic Shock, each time lasting over an hour,
and always surrounded by 24 to 48 hours of Amnesia".

In August 1999 the State of Arizona and U of A each gave Bear Woodson
"Disability Parking Permits". The U of A also gave him a "Disability
Accommodation", saying that "he could stay home, to not risk him passing-out
while driving to school, but must write at least one short, small
Composition each semester". He not only wrote small pieces, but also turned
in Major Works, including Whole "Concertos" ("Symphonies with a Solo
Instrument") each semester! Very few "Student Composers" in history could
write Only One Major Work during an entire college degree, and all went on
to become famous. Bear Woodson broke their World Records by writing One
Major Work EACH Semester!

In desperation to keep reporters from making Bear Woodson famous, and
risking exposing Daniel Asia, the U of A destroyed all copies of Woodson's
Disability Accommodation! Soon after Woodson invented his Second New Kind of
Fugue (DOUBLE the Bart=F3k definition of genius), and completed his Second
Concerto, they flunked him out of the university in May 2000 "for the Crime
of Writing Concertos"! Their legal excuse was to say that he "Never had a
Disability, and was flunked for Poor Attendance".

In November 2001 the U of A bribed US Department of Education Officials,
John Aaron Romine and Patty Perez from Denver, into thinking that a
"Concerto" was "a bad thing that warranted Bear Woodson being flunked".
Months later they both admitted on separate Audio Tapes to having been
bribed. =

The U of A even lied about Daniel Asia having witnessed Bear Woodson's
Diabetic Black-Out in the Music Building on October 28, 1999, in front of
Paramedics! Woodson's hour-plus-long Diabetic Black-Outs have greatly
increased over the years, happening 5 to 10 times Each Week since 2008!

University President, Dr. Peter Likins, convinced Arizona Governor Janet
Napolitano to order all Arizona law enforcement, reporters, attorneys and
politicians to "Black-List" Bear Woodson, from ever getting help! Janet
Napolitano convinced Senator John McCain in October 2004 and Senator Hillary
Clinton in February 2005, to oppose Bear Woodson, and they all still do.
Senator McCain even threatened Woodson's life in February 2005 and again in
2010! =

The Arizona "Anti-Genius Policy" extends far beyond the Black-List that
has destroyed Bear Woodson and a Dozen other Scholars.

In 1996 Dr. Marguerite Kay Invented NEW Research that could someday cure
Alzheimer's Disease. But Dr. Peter Likins stole her government grant money
and sold her Research to a European Pharmaceuticals Corporation, keeping the
money for himself! Dr. Kay's life is ruined and still lives in hiding.

Dr. Peter Likins and his assistant Dr. Maria Teresa Velez, mediated
several cases of Tucson Pedophile Catholic Priests, raising public
suspicions about the honesty of those Million Dollar Decisions.

In July 2005, Woodson sent copies of his first NINE Newly Invented Kinds
of Fugues in chamber and orchestral works, to experts in the US and Europe,
who Authenticated them as VALID, setting a New World's Record for NINE times
the Bart=F3k standard for genius! Bear Woodson has been called the "Einstein
of Counterpoint" and "the most important martyr for the Cause of Education,
since Galileo was put under life-long house arrest by the Catholic Church,
for the crime of telling the truth".

Despite being Refused Help from all Arizona Attorneys from 1999 onward,
in 2006 Bear Woodson got help from "Binder and Binder" in New York City, and
in August 2007 they Proved his then 330 Diabetic Black-Outs to be a "Legal
Disability". Even though that vindicated Bear Woodson from the U of A's lies
calling him a "Medical Fraud", the Black-List remains active against him in
2010! =

Since 1999 Woodson has contacted ALL the Major TV stations and hundreds
of reporters in the US, even Right-Wingers and Left-Wingers, only to be
Refused help by ALL of them! (Don't be surprised even if hundreds of people
send in these messages, and it remains silent in the News! Woodson knows he
will likely be killed soon for attempting to expose this Statewide
Corruption.) Bear Woodson has even been refused twice In Writing each, by:
Gloria Allred, Gerry Spence and the ACLU's of Phoenix and Los Angeles as
"having no winnable case", even AFTER Woodson's August 2007 Court Victory.

In November 2008 the spokesperson of one Arizona politician said words to
the effect that: regardless of how many nations honor Bear Woodson's many
New Kinds of Fugue as proof of genius, their politician will Never help
Reverse the Black-List against him!

In June 2009 another Arizona politician's spokesperson was precisely
quoted, saying that their politician "has never and will never oppose the
Arizona Anti-Genius Policy", in defiance of promises to the contrary, from
before they got elected! In that same month, now Head of Homeland Security,
Janet Napolitano, got word to Bear Woodson that she will "Guantanamo" him,
if he tries to go public about her unlawful actions against him and others.

In February 2010, a third Arizona political spokesperson made it clear
that 'the sooner Bear Woodson leaves the USA forever, the better, even if it
means he becomes a citizen and national hero genius for another country'.
The problem is that now Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, has forbid Bear
Woodson to get a passport to leave the US. The only doors left open to him
are continuing to live in poverty and oppression, Guantanamo or death, and
all for the Crime of Doing His Best for His Country, which has Betrayed Him!

In recent years, Arizona Department of Education Superintendent Tom Horne
and the new U of A President, Dr. Robert Shelton, have joined Janet
Napolitano, John McCain and Hillary Clinton to still insist that Bear
Woodson deserves to Continue to be Refused his Doctorate and should be
Further Oppressed for writing More Concerti and New Kinds of Fugues! Bear
Woodson now has 7 Concerti (each for a different kind of solo instrument
with orchestra, with 4 more in sketch work) plus he now has 26 New Kinds of
Fugues (one of which involves TWENTY Melodies overlapping each other in
perfect harmony)! =

The secretive Health Care Law that has recently been imposed on every
American, were written by politicians like Hillary Clinton, Janet Napolitano
and John McCain, who officially believe that Bear Woodson's now nearly
TWELVE-HUNDRED Documented Diabetic Black-Outs, each lasting over an hour,
are Still "NOT a Disability"!!! Since July 2009 they've coerced the American
Diabetes Association, Centers for Disease Control, World Health Organization
and Guinness people, to NO LONGER investigate Bear Woodson's likely World
Record for having survived the Most Number of Documented Diabetic Black-Outs
in history!

The only reporter who tried to expose Dr. Peter Likins' destruction of
Dr. Marguerite Kay's life, was Robert Nelson, who vanished in 2001, and may
have been murdered.

Bear Woodson has contacted a number of universities across the US and
Europe, warning them to not risk sending Scholars to Arizona, but too many
people still don't know of this danger.

Many of Lou Dobbs' stories of Corruption at the Arizona-Mexico Border
were first broken by reporters Russ Dove and Christie Czajkowski [pronounced
as chike-OFF-skee]. But Lou Dobbs never gave them credit for their work, and
now all three have been persecuted for their efforts.

Pima County (Tucson's County) Prosecutor Ken Peasley was finally
disbarred in 2004, after being proven to have falsified evidence for years!
Yet No One in Arizona is Overturning any of his Hundreds of cases, nor is
Peasley divulging anything about the many other Corrupt Arizona officials!

Arizona has been calculated to have lost at least $8 Million in the last
decade, just due to rumors of Their Black-List against Bear Woodson and Dr.
Marguerite Kay. Even though Arizona has huge debts in 2010, their
politicians still refuse to Reverse their "Anti-Genius Policy" and
Black-List, nor to fire the very politicians in power, who have caused their
financial problems!

Although in 2010, Buzz Mills is running to be the next Arizona Governor,
and J.D. Hayworth wants to replace Senator John McCain, both have refused to
answer questions about Arizona's "Anti-Genius Policy" and Black-List! Why?
(The Russians say "never pray for a new czar, he could be worse than the old
one". The Taliban hates women and music, while Arizona Officials suppress
brilliant female doctors, and belittle fugues and concerti! Hmmm?)

Please ask the Arizona Politicians to do these things:

1) Reverse the Black-List against Dr. Marguerite Kay, Bear Woodson and the
Other Unnamed Arizona Scholars! Restore their doctorates, careers and
reputations! Compensate them for the decades of damage done to them! Give
them their passports, so they can escape the USA. (But don't be surprised if
Bear Woodson suddenly turns up dead, for trying to expose this scandal.)

2) Re-Investigate the Victims of Tucson Pedophile Catholic Priests, where
Dr. Peter Likins was involved in the settlements.

3) Review all the cases in which Ken Peasley was Prosecutor, including Joey
Lee Healer, ADC # 117900, who has already served TWICE the normal juvenile
sentence, and should be released with "time served".

4) Reverse the damage to reporters Lou Dobbs, Russ Dove, Christie Czajkowski
and Robert Nelson, if he is still alive. If not, investigate Robert Nelson's

5) Take Tom Horne, Robert Shelton, Janet Napolitano, John McCain and ALL
Arizona Politicians OUT of Office, and punish them along with Daniel Asia,
Peter Likins and Ken Peasley. Ask Hillary Clinton to explain why she, like
the others, claims to "know the facts about Bear Woodson", yet still block
his Doctorate and career, while condemning him for his New Fugues and
Incurable Illness. Let's see how Bravely each of them would endure being
forced to have Only Ten Episodes of Blood Sugar Levels as low as 40 mg/dL
(1.67 mmol/L). That's low enough to kill, and Woodson has suffered hundreds
that low and lower, yet these politicians continue to dismiss it as "NOT a

6) Ask Messrs. Buzz Mills and J.D. Hayworth to explain why they refuse to
address Reversing the Arizona Corruption. Perhaps they hope to preside over
the corruption, rather than correct it.

Arizona's "Anti-Genius Policy" has thrived for decades! Only Arizona has
Politicians that are Dumber than Nazis! They casually destroy doctors, who
might cure their worst diseases, and aren't even smart enough to know, that
a Concerto is a "symphony with a Virtuoso Solo Instrument", rather than
something as petty and worthy of condemnation as they are.

Save yourselves! DO NOT SEND Money, Nor Scholars, Nor Tourists to
Arizona for at least 30 years! The proof of all their Corruption will be
when None of this appears in the News, just as it hasn't for the last Eleven
Years! =

Arizona is the Auschwitz of America!

Bear Woodson =

Oppressed Symphonic Composer in Tucson, Arizona, USA

Home: 520 - 881 - 2558
"Bear Woodson" <>

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