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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000094.txt from 2010/05

From: Oliver Seely <>
Subj: Re: [kl] Bobbing and weaving.
Date: Sun, 09 May 2010 21:59:14 -0400

The protests about Dan's critique seemed to me to be suspiciously familiar and the ready advice to ignore them by another list member was pretty typical of the response one would expect from any member from a post-enlightenment culture.

My take on the matter may be completely wrong, but recently I got myself sucked into a nasty personnel matter in which free speech played a significant role and a person, in a position of power, was offended by my offering. I got out of it relatively unscathed but not until cooler heads, in positions of higher power, said in so many words to the other guy, "cool it." His protest pretty much came down to the standard threatening question, "Are you dissing me?" It didn't matter that the guy was a Harvard graduate and in his 50s, but I simply touched a sensitive nerve and he reverted to an adolescent response (but with a big club).

I fear that post-enlightenment folks are in for some rough times as critical opinions are more and more freely expressed to folks from traditional societies via the Internet but I think that we have to get on with it. A mentor of mine once said, "Ollie, you never make any progress unless you take a chance." Be prepared for hurt feelings to take ugly forms, but try to remain safe and sound.


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