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Subj: Re: [kl] C clarinet an unabashed commercial announcement
Date: Wed, 26 Dec 2007 00:42:21 -0500

The Forte' C started with the Amati 311 C clarinet as a basis but the bore
and tone holes were modified to fix the long standing intonation problems
noted on the Amati instrument. The best part is the tone I believe. The
Forte' C comes with 2 custom barrels of our own design and the Forte'
ergonomic keywork featuring the modified register key, A key, and
additional bracing for the trill keys and E/B rod to keep regulation more
firm. The Forte' C has silver plated keywork, select Grenadilla wood, a
TRAC (Tuned Resonance Acoustic Chamber - and passive tone hole in the bell
similar to the Backun bells), and a custom ballistic nylon case which is
much more modern than the molded plastic case of the Amati. In
collaboration with Ben Redwine we offer a custom hard rubber Gennusa
mouthpiece for $99.00 as an option with the Forte' C purchase which has
been optimized for the "C" clarinet. Review on the clarinet bulletin board
by customers have been very favorable.
L. Omar Henderson

L. Omar Henderson, Ph.D CEO
LBD Corporation - Doctor's Products -
G-H Corporation - Forte' Instrument Group -
24 Suffolk Pl. SW
Lilburn, Georgia 30047-5147 U.S.A.
Tel. 1-800-381-0092
FAX 1-770-488-4255


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