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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000010.txt from 2007/12

From: Paolo Leva <>
Subj: [kl] Debussy's Andantino for string quartet
Date: Mon, 03 Dec 2007 02:52:35 -0500

Thanks Peter for your feedback.=0A=0AI added the Andantino from Debussy str=
ing quartet op. 10, it is online and ready for download. It is a much more =
difficult piece, but very very rewarding and worth the amount of work that =
it requires.=0A=0AI also added some links and some arrangement of music for=
solo flute arranged for solo clarinet, from a CPE Bach sonata and Debussy'=
s syrinx. =0A=0AI'll add arrangements of string quartets from Mozart, Beeth=
oven and Brahms in the coming weeks. I hope you'll like them too. =0A=0AI w=
on't spam the list for each update, I'll just send some update every now an=
d then.=0A=0A
----------------------------------------------------------=0ADate: Sun, 2 D=
ec 2007 14:30:07 -0000=0ATo: <>=0AFrom: "peter" <peter=>=0ASubject: RE: [kl] Andante K616 for clarine=
t quartet=0AMessage-ID: <000a01c834ef$d711b870$0302a8c0@XPP>=0A=0AThank you=
for that. I and three friends are having fun getting the timing=0Acorrect.=
We are enthusiastic amateurs who get together once a week for two=0Ahours =
of cathartic music making. This score has been a boon to us. Thanks=0Aagain=
=0AJ=E4mf=F6r pris p=E5 flygbiljetter och hotellrum h=E4r:=0Ahttp://shoppin=


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