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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000227.txt from 2005/12

From: "KEVIN J FAY" <>
Subj: [kl] Pieces that Drive you Nuts (was Nutcracker)
Date: Thu, 29 Dec 2005 23:27:54 -0500

Adam Michlin posted:

<<<. . . it is the job of that professional player to play as if they
aren't bored to death, but it is completely unfair to blast them for being
honest in a forum such as Klarinet. There are some absolutely wonderful
aspects to being a professional musicians and there are some not so
wonderful aspects. I think each and everyone of us could make a similar
list for our respective professions. Why is it we don't blast doctors,
lawyers, and teachers when they complain about their day at the office ("You
should be just lucky to have a job", "People would kill to have your job")?
Perhaps this is partly because we think professional musicians get to "play"
all day. It is important, however, to realize that professional musicians
work very hard for their money earning every right to complain about their
bad days. Especially since students thinking about a career in music need to
realize performing is just as much a profession as any other profession.
Very few, if any, professional musicians get to make a living performing
what they want to performing, when they want to perform it, all the time.>>>

First of all, sorry about the empty post just sent. My finger slipped
whilst my thumb on the "ctrl" key - sent w/o wanting to. 1st time *that's*
happened. Bother.

Adam has hit the nail on the head, I think. Why do we say that people
"play" clarinet? Would it not be just as appropriate to say that we "work"

My language skills other than English are rudimentary at best - I wonder if
our German, Spanish or Italian friends have the same double entendre.

FWIW, I'll attest that lawyers can get way bored with their work too.
Before Julie & I had too many kids, I volunteered at a free legal clinic -
must have given the "why you need to be responsible and buy car insurance"
chat about a thousand times. Commercial clients aren't much better. The
sixtieth time you negotiate a lease in the same building . . . etc.

Two questions - one philosophic, one fun.

1) What makes you a "professional"? Is it because you get paid to do what
other people do for recreation - like clarinet or golf?

. . . or is it that you had better be good at it next Tuesday or you don't
eat? Does making one's "play" into "work" suck all the joy out of the

2) What single piece of music would you most have to play again? You know,
the very last one on your list. For Dan, it appears to be the Nutcracker.

For me - I could live a long and happy life without ever playing Robert
Russell Bennett's Suite of Old American Dances again. Just hearing it makes
me nauseous.

What's your "favorite"?


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