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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000202.txt from 2005/12

From: Oliver Seely <>
Subj: Re: [kl] Music at Disneyland
Date: Mon, 26 Dec 2005 18:25:47 -0500

It is about 18 years since I've been to Disneyland. The last time was when
my daughter was playing the role of hostess at the Golden Horseshoe Review
and she got us free tickets. At that time the Electric Parade was the big
evening attraction and I had the distinct impression that the music was
synthesized, though I could be wrong. My son took his kids to Disneyland
last week and took movies of his kids going through It's a Small
World. Standard Christmas Carols were merged with the Small World theme.

The audio emanating throughout the park and the music which accompanies the
nightly parade are indeed larger than life. My guess is that the
arrangements come from a small team of people working in some nondescript
room filled with electronics near the studio in Burbank. Maybe you can get
more information by writing a letter to the Disneyland P.R. people. My
guess is that they'd give you the straight dope.


At 07:57 PM 12/24/2005, you wrote:
>I recently went to Disneyland in California and was mesmerized by the
>arrangements for the parades that came out of the P.A. system through out
>the park. Sure wished I lived next to the arranger(s) so I could pick
>their brains. What great use of unifying themes between tunes and in the
>transitions. Now that I am getting older I find myself more and more
>interested in the cerebral aspects of writing and arranging than the
>physical aspect of performing.
>So....A few questions:
>1. Who does the arranging for the music for the Disneyland parades?
>2. Which orchestra recorded the music for the parades?
>3. Is the music for the clarinet quintet available for purchase?
>4. Do any of the arrangers do commission work?
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