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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000082.txt from 2005/12

From: Roger Hewitt <>
Subj: [kl] Trimming and "reply techniques"
Date: Mon, 12 Dec 2005 19:40:44 -0500

The recent flood of posts about trimming has finally prompted me to say
a couple of things.
Firstly, yes trimming is a good idea and should be used more often -
particularly for digests and to remove the (often several) company/isp
disclaimers. I personally prefer top replies for simple replies, or
interspersed responses below the specific question(s).
Secondly when using digests or if you are veering from the original
subject please change the subject: either to the original to which you
are responding or to reflect the nature of the response. I usually
discard (without reading) concert announcements which I cannot get to
(yes I bet there are sometimes interesting comments I miss out on) and
responses to subjects I do not to read about (e.g sax or jazz or ...
i.e. stuff that interests many people but not me). And, on principle,
I discard "[k] Re: Digest 1877523 ..." (or however it goes, because if
the respondent can't be bothered to tell me what it is about I can't be
bothered to read it. And if you reply to more than 1 thing from a
digest, do more than one reply.

Rant over - I'm sure people will disagree with me, but it's just my
twopennyworth (or whatever currency you prefer)! There's lots of good
stuff and lots of less interesting (to me) stuff on this group and long
may it continue!

Roger H
ps I've just bought a soprano sax, so I suppose I'll need to start
reading the sax comments now.

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