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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000498.txt from 2005/08

Subj: RE: [kl] Low Eb in Brahms Symphony
Date: Tue, 30 Aug 2005 15:30:33 -0400

Hello all,

I have an update on the audition that I had with a local community
orchestra. As I had mentioned, the music director was out of the country
when the audition committee scheduled the principal clarinet auditions.
Basically, the gentleman returned over the weekend and the committee
contacted him about the results and what they had decided.
Unfortunately, he was not comfortable letting them make a decision by
themselves so close to their first concert. They only have 6 rehearsals
and he had tentatively made arrangements before he left on vacation to
have a person come in that was willing to commit to play the first
concert, but can not play with them after that. It sounds like he has
played with them before. He decided it would be best to go ahead and use
this person even though they would not be able to play any of the other
concerts. So, in effect, the decision to bring a new principal in at
this time has been postponed at least until early October.

It sounds like from my discussion with the president of the orchestra,
that they tried to convince him otherwise and felt it would not be fair
to bring someone in later and not play a full season with them, but his
decision evidently rules. It also turned out that I was the one they
recommended for the position, so the president said that she would get
back with me as to any future developments. She said that the music
director had suggested having me sit in on a couple of rehearsals to see
if things worked out, but did not indicate when this might take place.

It sounds like the audition committee was trying to fill a position that
was needed, but did not fully coordinate with the music director as to
how he wanted to go about doing it. I told her I had no problem with
this method if that is what he wants to do. The bottom line is that the
committee had to do the talking for me and I did not have the benefit of
being there to play for him and convince him that I was the right one
for the position. I don't know if it would help or hurt my chances of
still playing with the group to try and contact him directly and see if
I can play for him, even if it means sitting in on a few rehearsals.

I doubt that this type of thing would happen in a professional
organization, but then again people change their minds and you just have
to go with the flow.

Thanks again to all who made comments, suggestions, and offered to help.
It looks like I will have more time to find an A clarinet now and that
is a good thing.

Tom Henson

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