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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000461.txt from 2005/08

From: Bear Woodson <>
Subj: [kl] It's done! A New Clarinet Concerto!
Date: Fri, 26 Aug 2005 16:36:53 -0400

Hello, Klarinet List.

My health has been much worse lately, and I've
now got nearly 1600 E-Mails on my computer to
read, store and answer, but at least I got this done
in the Orchestral C Score less than 2 hours ago.

"Concerto for [Bb] Clarinet and Orchestra"
(Aug. 2005, 3 mvts., 30' 27")
Dedicated to Professor Joze Kotar of the
Slovenian Symphony Orchestra.

I Allegretto 13' 00"
(The Cadenza is about 1' 35".)
II Lullaby - Fugato - Lullaby 8' 32"
III Lengthening Rondo 8' 55"
(The Cadenza is about 2' 08".)
Total Time: 30' 27"
Written from May 17, 2002, to August 26, 2005.

2 Flutes, 2 Oboes, 2 Bassoons;
1 Bb Trumpet, 2 Horns in F,
Euphonium and Tuba;
1 Timpanist: 3 Timpani;
1 Percussionist:
Marc Tree;
Tubular Bells;
Drum Set:
Medium Suspended Cymbal,
Snare Drum,
Tenor Drum,
Bass Drum;
the Solo Bb Clarinet,
and Strings.

Since this work has a Dedicatee, I won't show
it to any other clarinetists until after Professor
Joze Kotar has performed and recorded it. He's
already played a number of works that I've written
for him. He also has the first 2 movements of this
concerto in Solo Bb Clarinet Part, but I stopped
working on the Piano Reduction in the middle of
the Second Movement. Now I need to complete
the Piano Reduction for the 2nd and 3rd move-
ments, as well as the Transposed Score and Parts
for the whole concerto.

Meanwhile I'm starting to get some positive
feedback from experts in Europe and across the
US, to whom I sent copies of my Nine Categories
of Newly Invented Fugues a few weeks ago. Each
one seems to have no doubts that I am the first and
only person in history to have invented so many
new "categories" ("types", or "kinds") of fugues.

I gotta get back to the Happy Farm.

Bear Woodson
Composer in Tucson, Arizona, USA

Home: 520 - 881 - 2558
"Bear Woodson" <>

This website shows a picture of my face, lists
some of my works and my Nine Categories of
Newly Invented Fugues:
Then click on "Contemporary Composers",
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These are two listings for the Dissertation that
was written entirely about 4 of my Horn Works:

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