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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000437.txt from 2005/08

From: "Lacy, Edwin" <>
Subj: RE: [kl] Metal Alto clarinet
Date: Wed, 24 Aug 2005 09:49:32 -0400

Lelia Loban writes:

<<<(Bundies improved a lot in later years)>>>

Well, they may have improved for a while, but then they got worse, and
worse and worse. Eventually, they were such an embarrassment,
associated in the minds of musicians everywhere with poor quality, that
Selmer stopped using the brand name entirely. They changed the name of
their instruments in that category to "Selmer Model 100" and "Selmer
Model 200," hoping to cash in on whatever prestige may have been
associated with the Selmer name.

When I play on these later instruments, it seems to me that they haven't
quite "gotten it" yet. They have tried various marketing ploys; it is
amazing that they apparently haven't thought of trying to make better
quality instruments.

Ed Lacy
University of Evansville

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