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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000373.txt from 2005/08

From: "Patricia A. Bandy-Smith" <>
Subj: [kl] OT: Forwarded from flutnet - consignment music items
Date: Sat, 20 Aug 2005 11:54:24 -0400

Though this is not clarinet-related, with so many doublers on this list,
perhaps someone here can help this man:

> Hello All- Last week, I am sad to report that my friend, Jey Clark,
> who ran and Saxology in Berkeley, Ca., passed away
> suddenly of a massive stroke. TO those of you who knew him personally,
> please email back and I can give you more details. However, there is
> another problem resulting from this tragic event: Jey was in the
> business of buying and selling used mouthpieces on conseignment. Being
> that he was a sole proprietor, the records of what was out on
> conseignnent are now pretty vague. Thus, I would like assistance with
> tracking down 2 items that I had conseigned to Saxology: 1- A Primo
> Sankyo sterling silver flute headjoint, wing tip, stamped with "925"
> and possibly "31" on it. 2- A Bari Sax Otto Link no. 5 rubber
> mouthpiece. I would appreciate any information leading to the return
> of these 2 items, or a record of payment to Saxology for these items.
> Anyone having knowledge of this, please contact me at the phone no. or
> email below. Also, please feel free to forward this to any other Sax
> or Flute sites that may track lost/stolen items. Thank you!!
> -- Ernie Mansfield Mansfield Music
> --

Just to repeat, e-mail Mr. Mansfield if you know anything about either
of these items.

Patricia Bandy-Smith

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