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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000143.txt from 2005/08

From: "Matthew Lloyd" <>
Subj: RE: [kl] Sympathy, please...
Date: Wed, 10 Aug 2005 18:15:03 -0400

Lots of sympathy..........

I would expect a decent shop to offer to lend you a clarinet. Not a
horn, as you can't play that I presume, being a clarinettist!

Seriously though, if WWBW don't give you one, then come here and tell
us. And all you Americans will know where not to shop.

I had a gorgeous Bb RC from Howarths in London for some months on
approval - and they'd then not sold me a single clarinet! I bought it in
the end though..... (and a couple of others.....) Surely there is
somewhere with customer service of that level over there? Or do you all
go for the absolute cheapest?


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From: Jacob Boyle []
Sent: 10 August 2005 18:32
Subject: [kl] Sympathy, please...

Hi all,

Just thought I'd share my recent sob story of
discovering a crack in my Selmer Signature...

In my day-to-day playing I had noticed the "long"
notes (E/B, F/C, etc.) were rather "fuzzy"--I thought
it was perhaps an improperly sealing pad or uneven
reed, but I sanded down my tables and did the
vacuum-test and all was well...then I figured it could
be some gunk in the register hole (I had been getting
some condensation "in there" lately). I so I removed
the register key to clean out the hole and voila--a
good inch-long crack starting at the hole and running
down the joint, perfectly hidden behind the register
key. I can't even describe the feeling I had at that moment--those of
you who've gone through this know what I mean!

I bought the horn in February from Woodwind/Brasswind
and followed the recommended break-in procedure. The
only thing I can think of that might have brought it
on was the periodic collecting of moisture in the
register tube. Also, the office at the music camp I
work at is air conditioned and the secretary likes to
keep it on full blast, so the sometimes chilly resting temperature might
not have sat too well with the wood when I started blowing hot air
through it (no comments, please :p) in a practice room that was not air
conditioned and quite warmer; after playing it was back to the case in
the cool office. Sheer ignorance and oversight on my part in that

But the happy ending: saxophonist Eugene Rousseau, who
is currently running a clinic here at camp, gave me
the contact info for a fellow at the WWBW (saved me
countless hours waiting in the phone queue on the
cust. service line) who told me a replacement top
joint is completely reasonable in accordance with
Selmer's warranty. *WHEW*. The only downside is I'll
have to part with her for a few weeks while they
transfer the keywork and fit the new joint to the old
bottom. A question--do you think it's out of the
question to ask if they could send me a nice used pro
horn to use while I wait? I will be in school soon
and will most likely be playing in our orchestra and
our school doesn't own many "nice" clarinets besides

Your thoughts, sympathy :p and advice are much

Will be practicing bass a lot more for awhile,

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